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10 Home Electronics You Shouldn’t Leave Plugged In During The Winter


Keeping gadgets plugged in throughout the day adds to the electric bill and may damage them. These devices use the power even if they are not in use, and it can accumulate to almost 10% of the total electricity bill of the month.

Many people sleep with their TV or computer on for the whole night. Unplugging the power cords has numerous benefits. It saves on the bill, and it is better for the environment as you save energy consumption. Power fluctuations in homes may cause electrical fires, leading to many risks that can be avoided by unplugging the gadgets when not in use.


People enjoy binge-watching series before going to bed, or you watch your favorite match while dozing off. Generally, you tend to switch the TV off with the help of a remote before sleeping, but at times the TV may go on standby mode.

The TV consumes energy the whole night, and therefore, it adds to the electricity bill and might also damage the unit due to electric fluctuations in the night.


It is the same as switching off the lights whenever we are not using them. The lamps also need to be unplugged before you sleep as they will keep consuming the energy and adding up to the bills. There is no use in keeping them plugged in. You may use other eco-friendly night lamps if you need some light in the room at night. 


Keeping a desktop computer plugged in throughout the night is of no use. Even if you use a laptop, it is pointless to keep it on charge all night. The battery might also explode or warm-up if the computer is charging for the entire night.

Wireless Router

There is a Wi-Fi router in almost every house. It has become a necessity in the digitally transformed world. You need it for everyday tasks, finishing your school or college assignments, or binge-watching a Netflix series. But you do not use it while you sleep. These Wi-Fi routers also consume energy as they are plugged in all night. 

The Kitchen Appliances

Make it a habit to unplug appliances like your coffee machines, microwaves, toasters, blenders, etc. Keeping these gadgets on charge is a complete waste of energy and hampers battery life. You are not going to use them while sleeping. Instead, you can plug them and charge if needed during the day and unplug them at night. 

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets keep you cozy and warm on those cold nights. Keeping it on through the night can cause a fire threat and harm you. Use an electric blanket to warm your bed and unplug it before you doze off. You may use warmers and quilts and avoid these electric blankets throughout the night.

Wireless Earbuds

Keeping wireless earbuds on charge overnight is again of no use. It will add up to the electricity bill and lower battery life. More charging will degrade the device faster. You may charge your headphones anytime during the day and use them conveniently wherever you go. 

Phone Charger

It is probably the biggest mistake we all make. Keeping the phone on charge for the entire night is the last thing we must do. Not only does it lead to a waste of energy after the phone battery is fully charged, but it also reduces the battery life of the phone.

Instead of keeping the phone on charge overnight, you must charge it as soon as you get up or during the day as and when needed. 

Extension Cords Or Power Strips

We all extensively use the extension cords to plug gadgets in the room. Keeping these cords in the outlet overnight is unnecessary and is a total waste of energy. It might also overheat if kept plugged in and cause damage to the attached appliances, and it might also lead to a risk of fire. Therefore, you must always unplug the extension cords when not in use.

Home Theatre System 

Keeping the home theatre system or a gaming console plugged in overnight is a complete waste of energy. The small LEDs will consume power and add up to the electricity bill. You will not use these devices while you sleep, so you must make sure that you unplug them after use. You can conveniently plug them again before using them and play your favorite arcade game in no time. 


It is a must to unplug the gadgets you do not use at night as they are unnecessary. Devices like your TV, phone chargers, laptops, desktop computer, printers, scanners, routers, electric shavers, or microwaves are all of no use if kept plugged in during the winter nights. Turning them off will save energy, and you must not leave them on standby mode. Power fluctuations may also result in electrical fires, causing many risks, which you can avoid by keeping the gadgets unplugged while not in use.