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5 Gardening Tips You Did Not Know

A beautiful, big, plush garden full of greenery is the ultimate way to soothe the soul and relax the mind. From those massive, towering trees and cute little shrubs to colorful flowers blossoming amid the greenery, such a garden is pure love at first sight.
If you have a green thumb with an enthusiastic gardener residing inside you, perhaps, it is time to take your garden to a new level and grow your own fruits and vegetables!

However, before you pursue the art of gardening, there are a few amazing, useful gardening tips and hacks that you should know in order to get exactly the kind of backyard and garden that you’ve always dreamed of.

Tip # 1: Use Cinnamon Powder to Prevent Diseases on Seedlings

As much as you enjoy that extra sprinkle of cinnamon on your cinnamon rolls, you probably didn’t know that it’s a super effective and useful spice for your garden, and your seeds love it, too!

This amazing spice comes with great anti-fungal properties that greatly help prevent diseases on young little seedlings. If you sprinkle a little cinnamon on the soil during the planting process, the new seedlings will not be affected by ‘rust,’ which is a common fungal infection and a soil-borne disease.

Tip # 2: Egg Shells Gives Your Garden A Calcium Boost

Just like human beings have serious calcium needs, plants also require it in great abundance for maximum growth and prevention of plant diseases.

What most gardeners probably don’t know is that one of the ultimate sources of calcium for your garden is none other than eggshells!
Eggshells are super rich in calcium content, and they play a very important role during the process of plant development. The best way to use eggshells is to powder them completely and mix it with the potting compost before you begin planting.

Tip # 3: Coffee Filters Are the Perfect Dirt Stoppers

Gardening is a true art and a truly enjoyable one, too; however, there is one thing that a majority of people struggle with during the process – preventing the dirt from flowing out of the bottom of the pot while watering the plants. Even using huge stones at the bottom doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

Well, the solution to that is perhaps sitting right inside your kitchen cabinet – coffee filters!
That’s right, coffee filters work as super amazing and effective dirt stoppers that prevent waterlogging the plant, and it also allows water to flow through smoothly without the dirt.
Simply place a coffee filter at the bottom of your plant pot before you fill it with dirt. Sounds super simple, doesn’t it?

Tip # 4: Sponges – The Ideal Water Reserve

Often times, plants end up being over-hydrated or severely dehydrated, which can lead to a serious root-rotting problem. Water tends to settle at the bottom of the pots, blocks the air space, and prevents the plants from receiving adequate moisture.
The ultimate hack for that is using old sponges, cutting them up in pieces, and placing them at the bottom of the pot. Sponges are the ideal water reserves that help retain moisture, keep the soil moist, and also allow the creation of necessary air spaces.

Tip # 5: Soaking Seeds in Warm Water before Sowing

You are likely to come across this tip in the old-time gardening trick books, which so many gardeners aren’t even aware of in today’s time.
When planting seeds, soaking them in warm water for about 12-24 hours before you sow them is one of the best ways to speed up the germination process and breaking seed dormancy. The soaking period allows the seeds to germinate faster by absorbing all the water that they need prior sowing.

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time experienced gardener, these effective gardening tips hacks will help you a great deal to grow a beautiful garden. After all, what you sow is what you grow!