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5 Plants That Look Great All Year Long

The sky might be gray and the ground might be cold, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping has to look so dreary in the winter. Having a beautiful garden every month of the year can be quite a challenge. Depending on where you live, your growing conditions can make choosing the right plants for year-round appeal a difficult task.

1. Carsten’s Wintergold Mugo Pine

This dwarf pine variety turns from green to gold when cold weather arrives. In fact, the colder the climate, the more intense its color becomes. Deer-resistant and easy-care, this shrub will look good in every season in Zones 2 through 7.

2. Weeping Norway Spruce

Many weeping ornamentals lose their leaves in cold weather—but not the weeping Norway spruce! With its unusual shape and showy cones, this evergreen makes a great accent in the garden and provides rich green in all four seasons.

3. Tiny Buttons Stonecrop

This evergreen succulent creates a lush and attractive carpet that thrives year-round. Small white flowers attract butterflies in early summer, and the plant’s blue-green foliage may take on a reddish hue in colder months. Easy to care for in full sun, this little wonder packs a lot of life in its compact height.

4. Blue Ice Bog Rosemary

Blue Ice bog rosemary’s unique silvery-blue foliage looks good in all seasons, but this evergreen ground cover also delights with a shock of pink bell-shaped blooms in early spring. Perfect for rock gardens and moist soils, it will attract birds and bring interest to the yard all year long.

5. Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

If you’re looking for a distinctive shade of evergreen color, dwarf globe blue spruce delivers. Hardy in Zones 2 through 8, this densely branched little conifer has blue needles that become more brilliant in summer. It makes a wonderful low hedge, but it’s even more outstanding when planted in combination with different species.