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5 Sprinklers To Quench Your Garden’s Thirst


When it comes to buying lawn sprinklers, homeowners are spoiled for choice. But which sprinklers are worth your money and which should you skip? The answer depends on your needs and the type of lawn or garden you have. Scroll through to see some of the most innovative lawn sprinklers designed to address any number of issues—not least of which is hydrating your yard!

1. Total Control


The Noodlehead features 12 flexible PVC tubes, each of which can be positioned individually, so you can water every corner of your lawn and garden—not the driveway!


2. On The Move


Ever wish you could have a robot do the watering? Look no further than the Rain Train Traveling Sprinkler. Once you snake a garden hose through the yard, this clever contraption travels along the path of the hose, spraying water from its whirling arms.


3. Prevent Pests


Here’s a humane way to prevent vermin from disturbing your garden: Orbit’s Enforcer Motion Activated Pest Deterrent Sprinkler. This high-tech sprinkler uses sound, motion, and water to keep animals away. It also can be programed as a regular timed sprinkler.


4. Subterranean No More


Skip the costly underground sprinkler system—a portable, above ground system from Miles Kimball can keep your lawn lush for a fraction of the cost. The staked sprinkler heads attach to a single spigot and are joined by lengths of hose.


5. Secret Agent


Rather than snake unsightly hoses around the yard, why not position an adjustable sprinkler so that it peeks over the tops of waist-level shrubs? Extendable to 50 inches high, the Hideaway Sprinkler features an adjustable watering pattern that delivers even coverage.