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6 Exotic Houseplants You’ve Never Heard Of


Houseplants bring natural vitality to any interior space, and thanks to modern technology, uncommon varieties from around the world are available to anyone willing to flex their green thumb. If you’re looking to add impact to your indoor garden.

1. Swallowtail Or Butterfly Plant


Christia obcordata, more commonly known as the swallowtail or butterfly plant, boasts triangular leaves with stripes of pink and green. It prefers a shaded window environment as it will burn in direct sun, and it serves as an epic conversation starter in any home.


2. Madagascan Palm


With a thick stem and waxy green leaves, the Madgascan palm (Pachypodium cactipes) looks like a throwback from the primeval world. As long as it receives sufficient light and well-drained soil, the easy-to-grow plant will reward gardeners with showy yellow flowers.


3. Wine Cup


Also called Crassula umbella features waxy, round-cupped leaves that encircle a stalk of yellow-green flowers with reddish-pink centers. Like other succulents, Crassula umbella is easy to care for, and it makes an attention-grabbing centerpiece or decorative accent.


4. Living Stone


Sometimes called lithops is a succulent native of southern Africa. The plant resembles pebbles or stones, and it comes in shades of gray, green, rust, brown, green, and even pink. Lithops are small enough to grow on a windowsill or patio table, and a collection will bring an unusual natural element to any room.


5. Corkscrew Albuca


Easy-growing corkscrew albuca (Albuca spiralis) blooms with yellow, vanilla-scented flowers, and its leaves grow in curly ringlets—hence the name “corkscrew.” A native of the African desert, it requires little water, and houseguests won’t be able to resist gawking at its extraordinary appearance.


6. Variegated String Of Pearls


If you desire a rare succulent, check out the showstopping Curio rowleyanus ‘Variegata’, which is commonly known as variegated string of pearls. The plant’s long, trailing tendrils are punctuated by pea-shaped leaves that store water and add cascading beauty wherever the plant is displayed.