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8 Plants That Are Suitable For Indoor Living

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With spring approaching, you may be thinking about starting a garden or adding to an existing one—and with good reason. What’s more fun, beautiful, or interesting than taking care of live plants at home? Still, planting outside (and particularly planting from seed) comes with its fair share of difficulties—which is why we’re here to help with a selection of the best indoor plants you can purchase and begin caring for today.

1. Passion Flower

Most gardeners think of vines as outdoor athletes, ready to be trained up exterior fences and walls. But climbers can also soften windows inside, so long as you provide them with something to scale (a few nails and fishing wire will do the trick). Plant your Passiflora caerula in a shallow terra-cotta pot, then top it with an upside-down vintage egg basket that acts as a tendril jungle gym.

2. ‘Nana’ Juniper

This evergreen ground cover is a landscape staple but Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’ can also thrive in the living room (the juniper sends down serious roots, so the trick is to find a container that allows them to stretch).

3. Pregnant Onion

The funny-sounding name of this curvaceous bulb is the key reason to grow it: Ornithogalum longibracteatum makes babies. Tons of babies. The main bulb continually produces bulblets—perfect for gifting. And its needs are minimal: In fact, not over watering is the chief requirement.

4. Prayer Plant

Stunning veined leaves define the prayer plant (they curl up, as though they’re in prayer, when darkness arrives). It’s a fun plant to add to kitchen counters and windowsills. Make sure it has access to moderate light, and keep the soil moist too.

5. Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The classic fiddle-leaf fig is the darling of social media, and for good reason. It’s beyond beautiful and incredibly sophisticated too. The issue with this plant is that it need tons of bright indirect light and regular watering to boot. If you water it too much though, you’ll risk dropped leaves.

6. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is aesthetically striking, and yes, it tolerates incredibly low light levels (in fact, you could leave it in a dark corner if that’s the only space you have available). But it’s the conversation-starting name that’s got us most smitten! Water sparingly, and only when the top few inches of soil are dry.

7. Snake Plant

No green thumb? No problem: The Snake Plant is practically indestructible. In fact, we’d be impressed if you managed to kill this one. It tolerates low light and can be left to dry between waterings.

8. Spanish Lavender

Colorful and sweet-scented, this plant may be just that special something your home needs. You can also find it in pink varieties.