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Attract Birds With These Colorful Plant Varieties

Attracting birds to your garden can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the many colorful flowering plant varieties available today, you can easily create a beautiful space in your garden that will attract all sorts of feathered visitors. Whether you’re looking for plants to brighten up your flowerbeds or add a splash of color to your backyard, there are many options to suit your needs and attract some lovely birds simultaneously! This article will explore some of the best flowering plant varieties to attract birds and help you create an inviting garden oasis.

How Vibrant Plants Can Attract Birds

Adding vibrant plants to our gardens and external spaces can bring life and color to these areas. It also has the potential to attract birds. Whether you want to enjoy colorful flowers and eye-catching foliage or give a wildlife habitat opportunity for birds, incorporating vibrant plants is an easy solution.

Every type of bird behaves differently, but they are all attracted to certain elements of plantings, such as food sources like fruits or nuts and protective covering and nesting materials. If you plan and choose appropriate plants that appeal to the birds in your area, you will see the benefit of having them flutter around your backyard! When a garden incorporates native and exotic plants, it provides several options for birds and creates a harmonious blend between human landscaping and natural ecosystems.

Attract Birds With These Colorful Plant Varieties

Flowering Dogwood

One of the best ways to attract birds to your yard is with flowering plants, and many colorful varieties can add beauty and life to your garden. Flowering Dogwood is one option if you want an eye-catching variety native to North America. This small tree provides excellent nutrition for birds and other wildlife by boasting white flowers with a hint of pink and showy red fruits.

Its profusion of bright blooms makes it a useful addition to any landscape, providing an air of elegance that no other flowering plant can quite match. Although much smaller than its bark-bearing cousin, the White Oak tree, it still provides plenty of benefits for attracting birds.


Adding poppies to your garden is a great way to attract birds. This vibrant flower is the perfect way to spruce up any outdoor space and bring in some feathered friends. With its bright petals, it helps create contrast, bringing attention to its beautiful blooms of all shades of pink, white, and oranges. Not only are they visually stunning, but their nectar also provides an excellent food source for birds, making it easy for them to come back season after season.

Furthermore, the tall stalk makes for an ideal perch for smaller birds who can observe around more safely. So by planting poppies in your garden, you can have the added bonus of having birds as visitors all year!

Mapleleaf Viburnum

Mapleleaf Viburnum is an excellent flower choice if you want to attract birds. The dull, fence-like plant provides a great nesting spot and a variety of fruits that act as food sources throughout the seasons. Furthermore, it provides cover from predators thanks to its dense foliage, making it perfect for nests and safe spots.

While Mapleleaf Viburnum might not be the most vibrant of plants, its unique look and resources differentiate it from other flowers and make it enticing for various wild birds. So if you’re looking to attract a wide range of feathered friends, consider giving Mapleleaf Viburnum a shot!

Purple Coneflower

Add a little beauty and a dash of color to your backyard with the Purple Coneflower! Planting these vibrant flowers can greatly benefit you as well – they attract birds to your garden, boosting the biodiversity in the area. Plus, its long blooming period means beauty for an extended time.

Furthermore, these drought-tolerant flowers do not need much watering or maintenance, leaving you free to exercise your green thumb on other projects. This resilience makes it great for those looking to add bold colors in areas where yellow or white flowers never bloom. If a spot of color is what you’re after, look no further than the Purple Coneflower – it’s truly hardy and could just be the solution you’re after!

Native Grasses

Native grasses are wildflowers offering a bounty of health benefits for birds and other wildlife. In addition to providing sustenance, they also provide much-needed color to attract avian visitors. Planting native varieties such as Little Bluestem and Switchgrass can help create a vibrant outdoor space. These species are hardy and require little maintenance; they thrive with regular rainfall and sunlight exposure.

Not only will the display be pleasing to the eye, but these flowers offer a valuable source of nutrition and protection from predators. They make it easy to bring a variety of species outdoors, as birds are more likely to flock to areas enriched with organic material like native plants. So beautify your landscape while helping our feathered friends by planting native grasses in your yard today!


Sunflowers are a vibrant and cheery way to bring extra birds into your garden! Not only do their bright yellow color and large petals create long-lasting visual appeal, but they provide an excellent source of seeds for the birds to feed on. Sunflowers come in a range of heights, from 18″ mini varieties perfect for adding extensions off hanging baskets to towering giants that reach up to 9-12′ in height!

Plant sunflower seeds readily available at most local garden centers. Be sure to select open-pollinated varieties so the birds can come back year after year and enjoy these delicious treats! Either way, you can be sure that each seed head will attract birds to your garden throughout the summer months.

Coral Honeysuckle

Did you know that Coral Honeysuckle is an excellent choice if you’re looking to attract birds to your garden? The bright, cheerful colors of these hardy plants will bring their own aesthetic charm and beauty to any yard – not to mention a feast for the eyes when feeding birds show up for a snack. These vibrant flowers provide much-needed nectar to small flying creatures, allowing them to garner energy throughout the day.

In addition, the Coral Honeysuckle offers much-needed shade from the elements for those days when it’s too hot and there’s nowhere else to hide. Planting these charming plants will reward your space with a unique combination of feathery visitors and vibrant colors!

Use These Colorful Plant Varieties To Attract Birds!

In conclusion, if you’re looking to attract a wide range of feathered friends, consider giving one or more of these colorful plant varieties a shot! From the vibrant purple of the Purple Coneflower to the yellow-tinted blooms on the Sunflower and much in between, an array of attractions will help bring the birds right to your yard. So beautify your landscape while helping our feathered friends by planting one or more of these plant varieties today!