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Beautiful Fall-Blooming Plants


We’re in the middle of fall, and just because your daylily and hibiscus can’t add glory to your yard doesn’t mean that you cannot maintain a great-looking garden in the fall. Believe it or not, there are several beautiful fall-blooming flowers, including sunflowers, chrysanthemums, balloon flowers, and many more that can complete the look of your outdoor space during the fall season.

However, to come up with the perfect fall garden with some beautiful fall-blooming flowers, make sure you check with your plant supplier to determine the best time to plant the fall flowers of your choice. Don’t forget that most fall-blooming plants take up to six weeks to establish their roots before winter so they can bloom during fall. A gardening expert can guide you about the most appropriate time to grow the plant that usually lasts through September and early October.

Once you have enough information about which fall-blooming plants are best for your yard and how you can arrange a perfect fall garden, it’s time to browse through our list of top beautiful fall-blooming plants so your garden can maintain a stunning look throughout the year.


Balloon Flower

As the name suggests, these beautiful fall-blooming flowers look like a hot air balloon before they are in full bloom. You can find balloon flowers in white, blue, and pink shades, and while they thrive in the summer sunshine, they can also do relatively well in partial shade and fall season. To enjoy the fall bloom, all you have to do is to deadhead it before fall. Once you deadhead it at the right time, the Campanulaceae family plant starts off as a bubble (similar to a hot air balloon) and pops open when it is ready to bloom.

Apart from deadheading the plant in later summer or early fall, this fall-blooming plant doesn’t need any maintenance, and it can continue to spread slowly without needing much time and attention from your end.


Another beautiful fall-blooming plant that can add color and life to your garden during fall is amaranthus. The plant produces gorgeous flowers that closely resemble tassels, making amaranthus a great choice for your fall garden. The plant can bloom in both full sun and partial shade and can be a perfect addition to other fall-blooming plants in your yard.


Sunflowers have a reputation of growing throughout the year. While they may peak during the summers, most summers will grow and bloom as the weather gets cooler. It’s time to harvest when you see the seeds turning brown or when the back of the seed heads turns yellow.

The maintenance requirement of sunflowers is usually low. Apart from the use of fertilizer to maintain soil quality and adequate watering, the plant doesn’t really need much to thrive during the fall season. The plant thrives in moist, rich, and well-draining soil.

Hardy Fuschia

If you are looking for a beautiful fall-blooming plant that can add color to your garden, then hardy fuchsia is your best bet. Also known as Fuchsia magellanica, hardy Fuschia may thrive during the fall season. And while the plant is easy to grow, it needs adequate soil conditions to thrive. Make sure the soil is not too wet or too dry. Moreover, also make sure that the soil is not too hot.

Plant hardy Fuschia during the early summer so you can enjoy the bloom in full sun; however, rest assured that the plant is equally happy in partial shades.


Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, make another beautiful fall-blooming plant and are usually a part of fall gardens due to their abundant blooms and brilliant colors. If you are planning to include chrysanthemums in your fall garden, don’t forget to plant them to the ground during spring so they can get enough time to get established before the cold weather hits. During the hotter days, don’t forget to water your chrysanthemum plant and add a layer of mulch to the newly planted site before the cold weather starts so the roots can stay warm and moist.

Autumn Crocus

You may already know about the spring-blooming crocus. But did you know there is a type of crocus that blooms in the fall season? It is known as autumn crocus, a beautiful fall-blooming plant that puts on its blooming show until fall.

Autumn crocus thrives in partial shade and little dampness, so if you plant it in late summers, you can enjoy the blooms during fall. The beautiful fall-blooming plant makes a perfect addition to your walkways or shades under trees to give you a warm and colorful yard during fall.


Marigold makes another great fall-blooming plant that produces striking colored flowers in your garden during fall. In terms of lasting in the landscape, the sturdy marigold, when planted in late summer or early fall, can outperform a spring plantation and will continue to bloom until the first hard freeze.

The plant thrives in full sunshine and can grow in almost any soil type, but they do well in well-drained, moderately fertile soil.


Last on the list of the most beautiful fall-blooming plants is helenium which is also known as sneezeweed. The flowers are vibrant, russet-toned, and can attract loads of butterflies. While helenium blooms are often small, some of them can grow quite tall and may need to be staked. The plant thrives when the roots are kept cooler, but you can expect the plant to thrive in full sun. Moreover, the plant can tolerate poorly drained soil as well. You can expect the brightly colored flowers of this plant later in the season.

Even if you can’t grow your favorite summer-blooming plants as fall sets in, you can still choose from a wide range of beautiful fall-blooming flowers and keep your garden thriving during fall.