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Beautiful Plants That Need Little Care


Gardening is an activity loved by the young and the old. However, one often has a wrong notion in mind that this job is tedious. With low maintenance plants, trimming, pruning, and watering are once in while jobs. Some of these plants are native to the US, so you do not have to think about the growing conditions. 

Take a look at these ‘easy to care’ plants and change the face of your garden with plants that are simplistic yet elegant.

Texas Ranger

Bright colored flowers give a fantastic look to your house, especially if the color of your walls is a lighter shade. However, growing authentic, colorful flowering plants can call in for some tiring work. To add a budget and maintenance-friendly flowering plant, go for Texas Ranger.

Commonly called wood lilac, it gives you vibrant vibes with its purple, lavender, and magenta blooms. It requires full sunlight with very little water. You can water them occasionally or during summers.

American Beautyberry

If you are fond of birds and look forward to creating a garden benefiting them, you must grow American Beautyberry. The green foliage dictates most months and sheds during fall and winter before appealing to the birds. They also make a delicious snack for these tiny creatures.

This plant is highly drought and pest resistant, making it suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Since it requires very little attention from you, grow it and give your garden a bright berry feel.


If you think your yard would look messy with overgrown gardens, you must pick flowering plants that do not require trimming. One such fantastic plant is lantana. These vividly shaped bright yellowish-orange flowering plants love the sun and need full sunlight. Lantanas grow primarily in the summers but are annuals in colder climates.

They are known as cleaning plants that require minimal attention from their owners. Add these to your garden and give it a vibrant summer look throughout the year.


Anthurium is the best plant for the forgetful ones. These heart-shaped blooms add an emotional touch to your garden. They admire the sun and so require bright and indirect sunlight. Since they aren’t very fond of moist soil, it is best to water them once every two weeks.

Desert Rose

Desert rose is a famous ornamental in some U.S. states. Because it is a succulent plant, its stem, roots, or leaves are a border and absorbent to store water. Hence, watering them is an occasional activity. Ensure that the trunk is broad because that’s the indication of enough water reserves for the plant to survive for weeks.

Being a plant of an arid climate requires some intense sunlight and ignoring partial shady areas. However, the sap can be poisonous and an irritant to skin and surface membranes. Therefore, grow it where it will not harm you or others. 


How about growing some beneficial plants? Peppermint should be your go-to option because of its minimalistic requirements and health benefits. Its aromatic leaves keep it mosquito and pest resistant, and so their ground cover will ensure protection from unwanted diseases.

Their roots are highly invasive with quick-growing properties. Being a low-maintenance plant, grow peppermint in your back and enjoy the benefits throughout the year.


Have a non-fertile land? Growing a variety of plants can be alarming when your soil lacks nutrients. Though most plants require their nutritional elements from the ground, plants like coneflower can thrive in these minimal conditions.

If your plants are struggling due to the poor quality of your soil, then coneflower should be your top pick. Commonly known as Echinacea, it is primarily native to the eastern United States. It is a drought-resistant plant and so requires very minimal water. Requiring little attention from its owner, this plant can thrive through all seasons.


If you own a lawn, then you may be familiar with the trimming services you ought to practice every two months. However, if not maintained, then the grass can be troublesome. Therefore, look for options that require minimal attention from you because growing an artificial lawn is not a solution to your problem.

Hosta is a low-maintenance ground cover that withstands any temperature. The leaves are green with a tint of yellow bands on their extremities. However, one thing to keep in mind is that your soil needs to be well hydrated all the time. Apart from the hydration and moisture, it does not require any special facilities from you and so is a must buy.

Arkansas Blue Star

If you want your garden to change with colors constantly, you should opt for Arkansas blue star. It’s a unique plant because it develops green feathery pin-pointed leaves in the summer and fragile blue star-shaped flowers during the spring. Being drought and pest resistant, Arkansas is the plant for every season. One piece of advice is to grow it with full sun to partial shade and ensure well-moisturized and drained soil.


If you want to get the park feel into your garden, you should experiment with the cosmos flowering plant. Though these are delicate, they amuse pollinators, and birds get lured towards them for their bright color. Moreover, with average soil requirements, they can stand tall along with other plants surrounding them.

The Bottom Line

One does not need a green thumb to master the art of gardening. A passion for plants and their growth is what makes you a good gardener. One piece of advice is to study the plants’ temperature, water, and soil requirements to provide them the best nurturing conditions.