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Beautiful Scented Plants for Walkways

Don’t we all wish for a scented pathway in our garden? While most garden plants are colorful and beautiful, not many offer a scent as enchanting as their appearance. However, this can change if you invest in a variety of plants that release their fragrance in different seasons and thus keep your garden fresh and fragrant all year round. Here are a few best scented plants for walkways that you can consider!

1. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is distinguished for its sweetly scented white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. The flowering plant is highly fragrant and keeps the garden smelling utterly sweet.

That being said, all parts of the lily of the valley are quite poisonous, even the red berries that may attract children. It is better to place this plant some place where it is out of reach yet easy to look at or smell.


2. Black Negligee

Black negligee has dark purplish foliage that typically grows up to 4 -5’ tall. It bears pretty white flowers, usually in mid-summer to autumn. This stunning plant has a fruity smell and attracts birds all winter long.
Black negligee should be planted in pathways so that they are appreciated both for their unconventional beauty and unforgettable scent.

3. Harlequin Glorybower

Harlequin Glorybower is a large flowering shrub that blooms in summer and gives off jasmine-like waft. But that’s not all. When the leaves of the plant are crushed, they smell like peanut butter. This is the main reason why the shrub is also known as the “peanut butter bush.”
Consider growing harlequin glorybower as a tree or a huge shrub to get more flowers and fragrance, of course.

4. Chaste Tree

Chaste trees typically bloom in early fall. Hence, they are a perfect choice for adding some color and scent in your garden during the late season.
The tree features purplish-blue flowers that have a sage-like fragrance. Since the flowering tree blooms in the fall, it should be pruned in the early spring for fresh growth.

5. Pink Dawn Viburnum

This is the dreamiest flower plant that will turn your walkway into a romantic fairyland. The plant features tiny, soft pink flower clusters from early to midwinter. It boasts a sweet and spicy fragrance during the season when outdoor scents are a novelty. In spring, the plant’s leaves turn burgundy with vivid veins. As time passes, they turn green in summer and then wine red in autumn.
This is an ideal plant to boost outdoor beauty and scents during late fall and winter.

These are some of our top favorite scented plants for walkways. Make sure to take care of their growing needs to ensure their healthy development.