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Best Electric Lawn And Garden Tools 2021


Everybody loves the touch of nature, and having a private garden shows you exactly what it is to be near nature and care for it. However, behind the beauty of a well-kept garden goes loads of unnoticed hard work, dedication, time, and maintenance efforts. Walking on freshly mowed grass is undoubtedly refreshing, but mowing it is not nearly half as easy, especially with the traditional gas mower or the corded ones. The same goes for blowing the leaves, trimming dead stems, among other gardening activities. Since hiring a professional gardener is not everyone’s cup of tea and nor is leaving the lawn in dire need of maintenance, investing in some quality battery-powered tools is arguably the way to go. But what makes them a good choice?

Benefits Of Battery-Powered Lawn Tools

Let us look at some major benefits of using battery-powered lawn tools over the traditional corded, mechanical, and gas models.


The weight of gardening tools is often a hindering point for many who love gardening, especially the gas-powered ones. 

However, though they have some weight to them, most battery-powered tools are still more manageable and comparatively lightweight than others. 


Planting greens on the one hand and releasing mechanical fumes to leave carbon footprints on the other does not sound much of an eco-friendly or even a healthy approach. Batteries allow you to say no to exhaust and go green.

Less Noise And More Movement 

Battery-powered tools are impressively quiet compared to their counterparts, saving you a rather disturbing headache. At the same time, they also ease the activity across your garden, helping you reach difficult areas, unlike the corded outdoor power equipment that limits your range.

Little To No Maintenance 

After taking care of the garden using tools, one must maintain those tools in a never-ending cycle. However, in battery-operated devices, the maintenance is minimalistic with no gas to fill, oil to change, or even spark plugs to buy. All one must do is charge the batteries, sharpen the tool blades every once in a while, keep the equipment clean, and maybe lubricate the moving parts at times. 


While most battery-powered tools are already less expensive, even if one chooses to buy an expensive one, the future cost of maintenance, part change, oil or gas, etc., are reduced enough to make the purchase worthwhile. 

Battery-Powered Garden Tools To Consider 

WORX Battery-powered Leaf Blower 

With the turbine fan technology and hyper stream air nozzles, the WORX leaf blower delivers forceful and high-capacity air volume to not only work well for your lawn purposes but also in extra tough conditions from sidewalks to driveways. The blower flaunts an ergonomic design, weighing as little as 8 lbs to ensure optimal and fatigue-free usage. With the variable speed control and three different power options, you can choose the one that’s right for the job. The powerful 56V MaxLithium battery will give you cordless convenience for long enough to get your lawn flawless again. 

BLACK+DECKER Battery-powered Shrub Trimmer 

This combat shrub trimmer/grass shear by BLACK+DECKER GSL35 features an interchangeable system of blades that allows easy conversion from one to another for versatility and maximum convenience. 

Its 3.6-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery is ever-ready to use with a longer lifespan. The LED charging indicator is just in place to let you know when it is fully charged and ready for a lawn tour. It has a 4-inch grass shear blade and a 6-inch trimming blade for detailed and precision pruning and trimming across your garden arena. It weighs only 1.4 lbs with soft grip handles that provide comfort, control, and ease of usage for anyone using, even the first-timers.

Husqvarna 120i Battery-powered Chainsaw 

A chainsaw does not have to be a piece of heavy-weight machinery that’s almost too hard to manage, and with Husqvarna 120i, you get precisely the lightweight and ideal chainsaw you are looking for. Keeping in mind the safety of chainsaw usage while operating, the company equips this battery-powered chainsaw with an inertia-activated chain brake. It comes with a 40-volt battery, brushless motor, and an intuitive control keypad with save mode that allows users to switch between maximum runtime and maximum power as per the purpose. With the automatic chain oiler, you can deliver a steady bar and chain oil supply with safety and efficiency in mind. However, one must buy the chain and bar oil separately. What’s more, anyone can adjust the chain quickly while working through the simple chain tensioning system.

WORX Revolution 20V Battery-powered GrassTrimmer 

This 3 in 1 lawn manicuring tool by GT Revolution converts from a trimmer to a mini mower and an in-line wheeled edger in almost a blink of an eye. It weighs as low as 6 lbs and is provided with a telescoping shaft, six rotating head positions, seven handles, making its use comfortable and efficient. The shaft is a full foot long with ergonomically designed grips to give the user a steady handle on each of the three mentioned functions. Not to mention how all it takes to switch from trimmer to mini mower or edger is just a turn of the head and a push of the button without any tooling requirement. The extra spool holder on the handle allows you to run in a line because even if you missed it, poping in that extra spool is all it takes, and you’re good to go with no turning back. 

EGO Power+ battery-powered Select Cut Mower

This EGO Power+ Select Cut is a multi-blade cutting system equipped with two interchangeable lower blades, a premium mulching blade, and premium bagging blade. It helps in providing quality cut, optimal run time, performance, and delivery compared to the traditional gas mower. The touch drive technology puts you in complete control of the self-propelled system by using pressure to engage the system. With this cordless lawn mower, you can easily regulate the variable speed using a dial that’s right under your palm for convenient and safe operation.


To maintain a garden might not be easy, but it does not have to be absolute labor with the battery-powered equipment mentioned above. No setting up of the electrical system or carbon footprints, just a simple charge, as one would charge a car battery, and you are ready with a flawless-looking lawn, precise cut width, and desired appeal. So, invest in your favorite garden tools from the ones mentioned above or check out and choose from the several other brands available in the market and get started today.