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Best Flowers to Perk Up Your Garden

Looking for a way to add a splash of color and joy to your garden? There isn’t a better way than to plant some lovely, colorful blooms in your otherwise gloomy garden.
So what flowers are perfect for display, you wonder? Well, here’s a list of some of the best flowers to perk up your garden. These bright, vivid flowers will bring your garden to life with their presence!

1. Lavender

As the name suggests, lavender boasts a rich bluish-purple shade that makes for a unique contrast against lush greenery. The flower stands apart from other traditional flowers – thanks to its free-spirited color. Lavender also boasts soothing and relaxing properties, which is why it is used for the treatment of a wide range of mental issues, including depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. It’s also believed that the oil extracted from lavender can help heal minor burns and bug bites.

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are distinguished for their brilliant yellow petals, which remind everyone of the bright sun. However, some sunflower varieties come in pale orange or red – equally beautiful and garden-worthy!
Since sunflowers are tall with heavy heads, you should arrange them in large containers and change the water daily to keep them fresh and beaming.

3. Marigold

Our list wouldn’t be complete without marigolds. These flowers are a crowd favorite for their splendid golden petals. They have fluffy, ball-shaped heads that are quite pretty to look at and feel soft to the touch. Marigolds grow fast in the warm climate within 8 weeks. They ideally grow in full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil.
Remember that marigolds require a lot of water. Offer maximum watering to your marigold plant to keep it full and alive at all times.

4. Chrysanthemum

The beauty of chrysanthemums is in the impeccable colors – white, yellow, orange, purple, and pink they come in.
Plant these cheerful mums in an assortment of colors to turn your garden happy and vibrant. You can plant these lovely flowers at any time of the year, except for extreme summers. During the scorching summer, it’s best to bring the mums inside!

5. Pink Roses

Pink roses add elegance and sweetness to your garden. Having them in a deep, hot pink color will make your garden appear more lively and exciting. However, the best way to make your outdoor space more flowery and attractive is by growing roses in all sorts of colors – yellow, white, red, etc. If you’re planning to grow roses, consider planting them in the dormant season – autumn or winter.
So, these are some of the chirpiest flowers that you can grow and breathe life into your dull garden!