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Best Ways to Design a Small Garden

Do you have a tiny outdoor space that you want to utilize in a creative manner? Well, how about turning it into a spectacular garden? Sounds fun, no?
But if you are confused about how to transform your small garden into something magnificent, you should give this blog post a read. Here are some of the best ways to design a small garden. With these tips, you’ll have your garden looking extraordinary in no time.

1. Plant Vertically

Don’t leave the vertical wall space empty. Instead, hang small plants – take a cue from your living wall. Hanging your favorite plants on your garden wall will save a lot of ground space and lend a unique look to the outdoor space.
Consider hanging the plants from the ceiling for a maximum effect. Make it a point to hang them in style, so they stand out even more.

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2. Hand-Painted Backdrops

Paint your garden walls in a bright, vivid color and enhance them with creative painting techniques such as harlequin, stencil, stripes, polka dots, sponging, etc. This will give an artistic touch to your walls and make your garden look decorative.
These are super simple DIY activities that you can perform even with little or no creative skills.

3. Hang a Relaxing Hammock

An addition of a hammock can instantly change your garden into a beach-like scene. It can fit into the tiniest garden space and offers unlimited comfort and relaxation.
Go for a multi-fabric hammock that is usually woven by hand. You can also opt for a quilted hammock, a Mayan hammock, or a Brazilian hammock.

4. Place Some Floor Cushions

If your outdoor is not spacious enough to accommodate a hammock, throw in some floor cushions. They offer comfortable seating and look stunning just piled in a corner.
We’ll recommend you to go for some colorful cushions that bring your garden come to life. For example, you can go for cushions in purple or red as they complement green very well. You can also opt for printed or patterned cushions for added beauty!

5. Place Some Shelves or Racks

Outdoor plant shelves or racks can help maximize storage potential in a limited space. Make sure to invest in a stylish shelf or rack to add a definition to your garden.
You can place your favorite flower pots on these shelves and amplify your garden beauty instantly.

6. Display Trailing Plants

Make your garden filled with flowers and scents with floral trailing plants. You can place them hanging from a fence or shade – whatever suits you. The more the trailing plant, the dreamier your garden will be. Maintaining trailing plants is crucial. Make sure to water them on time and prune them to stimulate new, fresh growth.
These are six amazing ways to design your garden and make it look nothing less than a work of art!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Statement is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links.