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DIY Chicken Coops


Backyard chickens require a proper coop to stay healthy, happy, and comfortable. If you have been planning to build, upgrade, or renovate but do not know where to begin, then you can get the most extensive chicken coop plans here.

Chicken Coop Plans from Home Garden Design Plans

The motto of their site is “The Palace for Your Pets,” so now you know that you will be getting high-quality coop ideas. The design is gorgeous and, though it seems complicated initially, they have got you covered with intricately specific videos and pictures that will build your confidence in them in no time.

  • Type of Coop – Elevate 
  • Size (feet) – 5 x 5
  • Capacity – 3-5 hens 
  • Build Level – Hard

Instructables’ ‘Our Urban Chicken Coop’ Plan

So, if you have an urban context and wish to have a cute affordable, and attractive coop(around 40$) for the hens to reside, this is exactly where you should be. Encouraged by Kansas looks, the coop is simple to build and has the ideal size for a tiny flock.

  • Capacity – three to five laying hens 
  • Type of Coop – Elevated 
  • Build Level – Intermediate
  • Size (feet) – 2 x 4

Natalie’s Chicken Coop Plan

Here, if you have been looking for an attractive coop and a visual guide to get you with the whole process, then you don’t have to look any further. The design of this coop is so incredible that Home Depot also shared this on the blog. The DIY chicken coop idea is for $19, and it is worth the additional money.

  • Build Level – Intermediate
  • Coop type – Elevate 
  • Capacity – seven chickens 
  • Size – 8 x 3.5 feet

Barn Geek’s Chicken Coop Plan

If you have been looking for a coop, this plan will deliver. Having a simple path to the interior, the coop can streamline gathering eggs and feeding. This is a lovely design, so you can be confident that everyone will be pleased.

  • Capacity – six chickens 
  • Type of Coop – Elevate 
  • Build Level – Easy
  • Size (feet) – 6 x 4

The South City Coop

As looks are essential, the function is much more important here, mainly when you are in a small space. This is where this South City Coop will be required. The chicken coop seems to be pretty and is as fine as when they arrive, and also opens up like a closet. After setting it up correctly on an outer wall, you will hardly even notice it is there.

  • Capacity – five chickens 
  • Coop type – Elevate 
  • Build Level – Intermediate
  • Size – 6 x 3 feet

Trickle’s Chicken Coop

If you have extremely limited space, the chicken coop plan here is perfect for your available space. This is built with lightweight 2x3s; its structure seems more like a children’s playhouse than a coop. The robust design indicates you can still get quality (hence safety for the layers) while keeping the home’s curb charm high.

  • Capacity – four chickens 
  • Coop type – Elevate 
  • Build Level – Easy
  • Size – 4 x 4 feet

Urban Chicken Coop From Tangles Nest’s

If you are building a coop, then do that right. As we know, this was the saying that the people at used for their excellent coop design. It can house four hens. Therefore it is the best coop for a little urban context.

  • Build Level – Easy 
  • Type of Coop – Elevated
  • Capacity – five chickens 
  • Size (feet) – 6 x 3 

Home Depot’s Coop Plans

This Home Depot’s simple and free chicken coop plan is proper for beginners having two or three chickens. Also, this is one of the most accessible chicken coop ideas to follow as they provide a 2 part video series. You will even get a list of tools and cutting materials needed. Of course, you will have zero trouble buying all the gear from Home Depot.

  • Build level – Easy
  • Coop type– Elevated
  • Capacity – two to three chickens
  • Size (feet) – 4 x 3 


No doubt, basic guidelines apply to every chicken coop, but the perfect coop will be different for each chicken and chicken owner. As there is no one perfect coop, all that is left to do is contemplate the requirements and that of the flock to make the wisest home decision on behalf of those cute little friends.