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DIY Fruit Fly Traps


Are you tired of those irritating flies in your house and wanna get rid of them? Did you know that you just need a plastic bottle to get rid of all the files in your home? In this article, there is the best traditional technique to get rid of flies. The chemical means of freeing your indoor areas of flies all have disadvantages. But an unnoticeable and straightforward approach to keep flies at bay is to fix an easy trap made from a clear plastic soda or a beverage glass.

Flies are a great menace. How about controlling them before they enter your home. 

There are many ways to control flies. There are nets, fly repellents, sprays, and even skin creams. But are all these measures safe and effective? A flytrap is an excellent alternative to controlling the fly population. These flies go towards dead or decaying fruits and are also attracted to fermented drinks like beer and wine. 


So Here Is What You Will Need To Set The Trap

  1. Paper
  2. Bowl  
  3. Old Wine Or Beer Bottles
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. A Wire To Hand The Bottle
  6. Meat (Optional)
  7. Old Fruit (Optional)

Instructions To Follow Along 

Paper, Vinegar, And Old Fruit

Pour some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and then place an over-ripe fruit into it. Then roll a paper and put it into the jar or bowl so that the flies are trapped into it easily.  Place the narrow opening of the paper inside the bowl and the broader opening towards the trap’s mouth. 

The odor of this tarp will attract the flies, and the cone part will trap them inside of it and prevent them from getting out. 

The Bait Inside The Trap

Meat and feces attract flies the most as they lay their eggs/larvae inside them. If you think of using meat as bait, do not keep it inside your house, as it will produce a pungent smell. Flies are attracted to all the decaying fruits and vegetables. 

You can use a slightly over-ripe fruit or vegetable as bait; also, try adding some sugar and water if the temptation does not trick the flies. 

Fruit-scented dish-soaps can also be bait. It is best to place the trap outside the house so that the flies do not come inside your home. Adding a splash of apple cider vinegar can also help in this process. 

Flies are also attracted to beer and liquor, so you can place some old beer bottles outside your house and add some dish soap into them. The narrow neck of the bottle will keep the flies trapped. 

Some Tips To Make The Flytrap Work 

You must have noticed that flies are prevalent mainly during the summer season. During the spring season, the walls of our houses start getting warmer, attracting the first flight from the winter stupor. 

Flies have a very predictable and particular lifecycle. The life cycle includes many hatch seasons. So to keep all the flies at bay, you must set the trap as soon as you notice the first fly. This way, you will minimize any sort of fly outbreak as this way you will prevent them from laying eggs by which they fuel their next cycle. 

You will have to empty the trap full of dead flies regularly and rebate the trap. If you live near animal farms or have a farm of your own during the summer season, you might have to take multiple fly traps to keep the flies out of your field. Also, be cautious while using meat as bait because they might contain larvae in it, who will have to destroy the larvae first before cleaning your trap. 


To sum up, everything so far, and this trap can also eliminate wasps during the summer season if you use sweets as bait. Also, make sure there are no gaps between the funnel because flies can squeeze out of them, so tape the container tightly. You can use warm water to clean the trap, destroying any larvae inside the bait.