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Fastest Growing Fruits and Vegetables

Do you want to grow your own fresh produce, but think it will take too long? Contrary to popular belief, not all fruits and veggies take many months or years to grow.

Here is a list of some of the fastest growing fruits and vegetables.

1. Lettuce

Of all the lettuce types, leaf lettuce varieties, such as green leaf and red leaf enjoy speedy growth. They are easy to grow and are more tolerant to extreme hot weather conditions. Lettuce usually takes 30 days to provide a lush harvest. Most lettuce varieties mature in 45 to 55 days, allowing many gardeners to plant two or even three crops.

2. Spinach

Another fastest growing vegetable is spinach. This veggie hardly takes 4 to 6 weeks to come in its full form. All you have to do is to sow the spinach seeds in high-quality dirt. Water it and wait for the plant to develop. It takes about 45 days to grow spinach from seed to harvest.

3. Radish

Fresh radishes

Radishes are easy to cultivate and grow and therefore are a perfect option for kids’ gardens. To enjoy a variety of radishes, plant the heirloom radishes. They are known for an array of colors, shapes, and unique flavors. They are fast-growing and are ready to harvest in about four weeks from sowing.

4. Turnips

White turnips

Turnips are one of the least fussy vegetables to grow. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and enjoy fertile and moderately acidic soil. They also grow best in slightly deep loam soil. Depending on the climate and temperature it takes turnips around 60 days to grow.

5. Kale

Kale can be cultivated in every season, even in winter! However, the plant requires lots of water. It does well in loamy and well-drained soil – but not soggy. When provided with the right growing conditions, you will be able to harvest kale in just four to six weeks.

6. Blueberry

Organic Fresh Ripe Berry Blueberries

If you provide acidic soil and a sunshiny spot, blueberries can flourish in any garden and be among the easiest and fastest fruits to grow. Even though they can thrive in partial shade, they won’t prosper as they may in the full sun. It only takes three to four years before they will produce fruit.

7. Figs

Figs prefer lots of sunshine and warmth to grow quickly. They are ideal if you want to grow fruits in containers. Freshly picked figs taste sweet, chewy, and delightful! A fig tree is generally three to five years old before it produce a sizable crop.

8. Passion Fruits

ripe organic passion fruit

Passion fruits pop up from the flowering vine – passionflower. This fruit vine can be grown indoors in a pot in the winter season.
Passion fruits thrive best in dry conditions than moist air. Passion fruit vines propagated by either method take two to three years to reach maturity, flower and begin to bear fruit. In general, yellow passion fruit vines grow faster, fruit more quickly and produce larger crops.

9. Peach

A peach tree normally takes a year to form peaches. For the desired result, peach trees need oodles of sunshine and a sprinkler spraying every two or three weeks. It takes three or four years for a peach tree to grow fruit. For this reason, many people prefer to buy a young tree rather than wait for a tree to grow from a seed.

That’s a wrap on the fastest growing fruits and vegetables. So, which of these nutritious fruits and vegetables will you grow in your garden?