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How To Deter Animals Away From Your Garden


Gardening is arguably one of the most fulfilling hobbies that one can take up. It helps in decluttering the mind, gives mental peace, a sense of achievement, and most importantly, bears lovely fruits and flowers. However, it doesn’t come that easily because a lot of time, effort, planning, and labor goes into successfully growing one plant, let alone an entire garden. This is why it is best to take preventive measures from the very beginning to keep invaders away from your garden.

Why Is It Essential To Keep Animals Away From Your Garden?

If you have started a vegetable garden, then taking care of the growing conditions is a must. However, if there are any small animals nearby, such as rabbits, deer, slugs, and snails, they are most likely to come snack onto your veggies and destroy their growth. This is why the biggest garden tip for anyone who grows fruits and vegetables is to keep animals away.

Other than that, some species of birds are also potential destroyers of typical plants, as they can cause significant damage to them or even stun their growth altogether. This is why, to ensure the healthy development of plants in your garden, deterring animals is crucial. 

Hot Pepper Spray

If you don’t want to use artificial pest control, hot pepper is the best home remedy. All you need to do is blend one to two teaspoons of hot pepper sauce with a bit of dish soap, some aromatic leaves which rabbits and deers do not prefer, and one to two cups of water. Turn it into a smooth, liquid sauce and spray it on all the leaves of the plants in your garden. The peppery smell of the leaves will keep birds and animals from eating them. Other than that, the intense aromatics will also cause the insects to stay away from your plants.

All in all, this natural protection will secure your garden from most of the potential invaders. 

Chicken Wire

Natural remedies work for a while, but they are still not a permanent solution to the animal crisis that gardeners face. If you have a big, precious garden, which needs to be protected from animals and birds at all costs, then investing in full-fledged wired fencing is something you should consider. Make sure that the chicken wire you use is from high-quality material. Besides, it would help if you also took care of the height so that animals cannot climb the fence. 

Ultrasonic Animal Reppeler

Tech support can prove quite effective in the case of keeping animals out of your garden. An ultrasonic animal rappeler is nothing but a pest control system that emits a high-pitch sound all across the garden. The sound is such that animals feel uncomfortable, and they tend to stay away from it. In this way, your garden is protected from all kinds of small animals and birds. There are various kinds of ultrasonic systems differing in their operative system. You can opt for a battery-based one or even install solar panels in the garden. 

Offer Food

If you like animals but don’t want them around your garden, the best way forward is to offer different food so that they don’t feel the need to munch in your garden. For instance, installing a bird feeder will keep all the birds together, in one place and away from your plants, provided you position it correctly.

Besides that, providing other food sources to your usual animal visitors will keep them engaged and away from your garden. If you have one particular kind of animal coming again and again, such as rabbits or deers, then spraying fragrant predator urine in and around your garden will keep them away. 


All in all, there are several methods to keep animals and birds away from your garden. All you need is knowledge about what to do and how to do it. You may also consider seeking expert help through pest controllers and other animal preventive establishments if the situation gets out of hand. But in the case of regular animal visitors, the tactics above would help deter any frequent visitors.