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How To Get Rid Of Garden Pests Naturally

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Getting rid of pests in your garden can be a difficult task. There are many different types of bugs that want to take up residence in your plants and flowers, eat all the food you have planted, and destroy any new growth before it has a chance to thrive. But don’t worry! There are easy ways to get rid of garden pests naturally. Here is a list for you to know what methods work best at getting rid of these pesky creatures!

Neem Oil

If you want organic but still get rid of garden pests effectively, neem oil is what you need. It works well for many different bugs such as ants, earwigs, leafhoppers, mealybugs, mosquitoes & more. You will have to mix this up yourself, though, because there aren’t any store-bought mixes out there that contain just neem oil alone. Just put three teaspoons of vegetable oil into one cup of hot water along with two tablespoons of neem oil and mix well. Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle, shake it up well to combine everything, and spritz away!


Beer will help fight off snaily slugs that are feasting on your plants. Slugs do not like the hops in beer, so that they will stay away from it. All you have to do is pour some out onto a plate or bowl and place it around the areas where the snails usually hang out. You can also soak newspaper with beer and lay them down as well if you want. The best part about this method of getting rid of garden pests naturally? It’s free!

Eucalyptus Oil

If you have ants around your garden or house, getting rid of them can be challenging because they are hard to reach once inside their hill. But if you apply eucalyptus oil near any ant hills in your yard, the ants will avoid it altogether. This allows for easy removal without having to worry about killing off all the helpful insects nearby! Just add some vegetable oil with water (about one cup each) along with 20-30 drops of 100% pure eucalyptus essential oil into a small spray bottle, then shake well. If you want to use this solution for other garden pests, just mix it with water and spray away!

Cayenne Pepper

If you don’t mind spicy food, cayenne pepper can be used to get rid of many different types of garden pests such as aphids, beetles, caterpillars, flies, gnats, and more! Sprinkle dry cayenne powder all over your plants and flowers, or make a spray by adding water and cayenne pepper powder to a bottle. Be careful when spraying the mixture onto your plants because it can damage them if you are not careful!

Coffee Grounds

Deter the slugs in your garden by sprinkling coffee grounds all over. They don’t like the smell of coffee, so that they will stay away from these grounds completely. This is one of those easy ways to get rid of garden pests naturally that are very effective at keeping them out without any harmful chemicals or sprays involved! Just make sure to reapply after heavy rainfall because some moisture could wash off all the helpful oils within the ground mixture.

Vinegar Spray

Spraying vinegar onto plants is an easy way to kill aphids and many different species of garden pests. You can add a little dish soap to the mixture if you want, but it is unnecessary, and some people even swear by adding garlic salt or cayenne pepper powder for added protection from bugs in the garden! Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of water, then spray on plants after being watered down thoroughly.


A great natural way to get rid of garden pests such as ants, bees & wasps involves using honey. Mix equal parts warm water and raw honey until all mixed up good so that there are no clumps left behind, pour into a container (preferably glass), cover it tightly with plastic wrap and poke holes into it for ventilation, then let sit for a few days until it is fermented. The honey mixture will kill insects if they drink from the solution, but it only has to be applied once because as long as there are still traces of fermenting liquid within this container, those pesky pests won’t come back!

Lavender Oil

Another great way to combat garden pests is by using lavender oil. Just mix water with some dish soap, then add in about 20-30 drops of 100% pure lavender essential oils until the mixture has a pleasant strong scent, pour into a spray bottle, and spritz away at your plants whenever needed. This will help protect them from many different types of bugs, including ants, aphids & more, because it repels insects naturally without harming beneficial garden insects or pets nearby.


One effective way to get rid of garden bugs such as aphids and ants involves using cinnamon oil. You can either mix equal parts ground cinnamon and water along with ten drops of 100% pure essential oils (like peppermint or lavender) into a spray bottle for quick application, or you could even just sprinkle some dry ground cinnamon around your plants without mixing anything up at all! Either way works well, so don’t try both methods to see which one works best for you!

Citrus Oil

If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of garden pests such as ants, aphids & stink bugs, then try out citrus oil! Just mix one cup water with two teaspoons dish soap and 20-30 drops of 100% pure lemon essential oils into a spray bottle until mixed thoroughly. The smell will deter not only the insects but also rabbits or deer that may be causing damage in your backyard, too, because they naturally hate the scent of citrus fruit (just like most people do). To protect all your plants without using harmful chemicals by applyMix this natural mixture whenever needed!


There are many different easy ways to get rid of garden pests naturally. Just apply these helpful mixtures after your plants have been watered down entirely so they can be easily absorbed into the soil, reapply if it rains or is heavily watered down again because some moisture could wash off all those natural oils within the mixture, and enjoy watching your healthy plant growth grow over time without any damage from bugs!