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How To Revitalize Indoor Plants


Like clockwork, it happens every year; before Thanksgiving, almost everybody’s house indoor plants start looking a little bit slack. Then, the leaves turn yellowish, giving an unhappy and stale feel. 

This particular period is considered the most challenging time of the year for your indoor plants, especially if you live in areas where days are short. But don’t worry about it; here are a few tricks that would help you in turning your unhappy and stale-looking indoor plants into fresh and happy and getting them to survive winter. 

Water It Less

This can be considered one of the main reasons indoor plants seem droopy very early. People almost killed their indoor plants with your service, implying overwatering them. If you’re overwatering your plants, you are also overwatering your plant’s roots which only makes it work. Dead roots often let the pathogen in the plants and make them useless. To prevent the early death of your plants, you can remove any evident rotten roots and substitute the soil converted into the mud. Let the soil dry until it is a little bit moist to the state where it is sunbaked. You will not be able to save its life even after that. 

Make Sure The Plant Has Moisture In It

If you see that the plant is dying because of water, you must hydrate the soil. You can do that by soaking the whole pot into a bucket of water for 15 to 30 mins. Make sure you allow it to drain thoroughly and ensure that the water doesn’t sit for a long time. If you begin watering from the top, it will run down from the sides, and the soil starts becoming hard like a brick. Set up a reminder for watering or purchase a plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention. 

Replace It With Fresh Soil

If your plants are not getting enough oxygen, you must get the plant out of the pot, carefully relax and divide the roots, and then replace the plant in the fresh soil. Opt for a pot that is just a little bit bigger than the previous pot. If you are going for a huge pot, that will make the situation worse too quickly. 

Shift The Plant Into A Little Less Intense Light

If you start spotting those brown and black splotches on a particular side of the plant, then there is a maximum possibility that harsh sunlight coming through the window is the reason that your plants are becoming droopy. Make sure that you cut the leaves and place them in an area with direct sunlight. 

Provide Extra Indirect Light To Your Indoor Plants

Due to not getting the required sunlight, your plant’s leaves might be turning pale or yellow. They need a small amount of sunlight. The bright indirect sunlight is an excellent place to begin with. If you are attempting to grow a plant without the required light, you are deemed to fail. 


Consider these suggestions, and your indoor plants will start looking fresh quickly and make sure that you are prepared for the healthy time of active growth with spring. These suggestions will not only save your plants but will also enhance their lifespan.