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How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Garden


All of us want our lawns/backyards to look pretty where we can have a nice cup of coffee in the morning or maybe host a party. Beautiful backyards typically have gorgeous plants and flowers to keep the area full of life. Usually, people think of maintaining gardens as a chore, but it is a hobby for most. Though gardening is a time-consuming job, once completed, you will not regret it. 

The best part about gardening is, it is not limited only to flowers or pots of plants. Organic gardening/farming is the new thing trend now which not only makes your lawn look pretty but gives you the best and the healthiest fruits and vegetables. Organic farming is a method to cultivate plants and rear animals in the most natural way possible. This involves using biological substances instead of synthetic pesticides and insecticides to avoid any damage to the soil and decrease pollution. 

When you start farming organically, you benefit yourself by eating healthy, saving money, and reducing waste. Not only that, organic farming has a lot of other benefits. 


Diatomaceous Earth

Next in line to keep your garden even better comes known as Diatomaceous Earth, or DE. It is one of the finest organic materials to use in your garden. It is a very fine, powder-like material made up of remains of single-celled marine microorganisms called diatoms. To sum it up, it is ancient plankton. DE is obtained from mining and is used widely in industries, pool filters, food, and cosmetics.

However, it works in a particular way. This DE has tiny rock shells. To us humans, these rock shells feel smooth. But to insects, which harm your crops and plants, it feels like hell. These rock shells have sharp edges, and upon coming in contact with these edges, the insects get cut and die. This powder works on most insects, like fleas, ticks, flies, ants, mites, spiders, and so on. Research says it is very safe to use this by humans and around them, not only humans but also all wildlife. 

The easiest way of using DE is to spray it on and around the plants, where insects and pests are present. You can also dust it directly on the plants. DE will kill any insect that comes in its contact, as long as it’s DRY. One of the main setbacks of using DE is when it gets wet; it is significantly less effective. Hence, apply it in areas that will remain dry for a few days. You can either buy the spray from the market or dilute the powder and mix it into a spray bottle yourself. 

There Are Various Benefits Of Using DE


You can use DE as a chemically free deodorant. So, for example, if there is a specific area in your garden where pets excrete, you can spray it there, and the spot will be odor-free. 

Decreases Rodent Activities

Mice, rats, and rabbits often cross your gardens and tend to damage your plants. But these rodents get irritated by the fragrance. Using DE with a few drops of essential oil can cause these rodents to wander off your gardens. 

Get Rid Of Ants

A few ants are no trouble, but a heap of ants is a problem—spray DE on anthills and wherever else you find a big group of ants. 

Aphid Control

Aphids feed on plant growth by sucking the sap from the young plants. Aphids can reproduce fast and can kill the host plant in a matter of days. DE is an excellent aphid control. Spray it on and around the plants. 

Gets Rid Of Maggots In Manure

Unattended compost piles can host homes for maggots. Unless you have chickens to take care of maggots, DE is the best alternative. Sprinkle it all over the pile. 


Gardening is a tedious activity but can give a lot of profit in the form of produce. Diatomaceous earth is the most significant helping hand for the people who practice organic farming. It has numerous uses, including a natural deodorant. Therefore, farming with organic methods benefits not only the person doing it but also the ones who consume it.