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Indoor Fruit Trees For Your Home


People are obsessed with greenery. Indoor trees and plants enhance the beauty of your home. You feel fresh and can focus better. Indoor fruit trees have the added advantage of giving you fresh fruits that are too organic! Many of the benefits of having indoor fruit trees are mentioned below.

  • You will breathe fresh air

The indoor trees help reduce harmful toxins from the air. Their air purification ability enables you to breathe fresh air.

  • The room looks aesthetically appealing and comfortable

Plants add an aesthetic effect and the visual appeal enhances to a great extent. They can easily brighten up a dull area and help you achieve the desired visual appeal.

  • They boost your mental health

Greenery has a significant impact on your mental health. You tend to think creatively and get a sense of calm and satisfaction.

  • Improve the quality of life

With indoor plants around your home, you tend to care for them and feel a sense of companionship. It also improves your quality of life, and you start taking ownership and nurturing these greens, resulting in a great experience.

  • Stress-free life

Having plants around helps you forget your stress. The color of life has a very positive impact on your thought process, and you tend to deviate from any stress that is bothering you.

  • Increased productivity

Plants improve your calmness and help you stay focused and creative. The attention span of an individual also increases with greenery around.

  • Working with greens is therapeutic

Gardening is a very therapeutic remedy when it comes to people facing depression or anxiety. Therefore, horticultural therapy is gaining widespread importance owing to its benefits.

Everyone loves fresh fruits, but at times, the climate is not friendly enough to grow many fruit trees. So not only do these indoor trees uplift the mood and appearance of the home, but they also give a boost to your mood, creativity, and well-being. It makes a happier and healthier place to live. Below are some of the most popular indoor fruit tree options that you can plant in your space. Here are a few fruit tree options that you can pot easily, put outside during the summers, and grow indoors for the cold months. All you need is good light, proper air circulation, perfect soil mix, and suitable fertilizer.

Meyer Lemon Tree

The Meyer lemon tree is a popular indoor citrus plant that gets loaded with sweet lemons. These trees need a lot of humidity, so they can be kept near a humidifier if you plant them indoors. They also need good light, so you must pot and place them near a south-facing window or near a grow light. 

Dwarf Banana

The dwarf banana tree is a great indoor fruit tree. These trees have big leaves and need a lot of bright sunlight. But you must take care that the leaves do not get burnt in the scorching heat. Pot this tree in a quick-draining potting mix, and be sure to water it properly.  To grow, they need a humid climate, so place it near a humidifier or on a pebble tray. 

Goji Berry Tree

The goji berry tree is another excellent indoor tree option. It produces delicious berries. These trees need a lot of bright light, so place them near a south-facing window or under a grow light. They only need water when the soil is dry. 

Orange Tree

The Calamondin orange tree grows well indoors. It gives many fruits if you pot them properly in a large pot, so the roots develop nicely. Pot this tree in loamy, acidic, quick-draining soil. These plants need direct sunlight and only need water when the soil is dry. Sprinkle some fertilizer on them during the spring and summer seasons. 


The avocado tree is a common indoor tree that you can easily plant with the seed inside the fruit. Put the potted plant near the source of sunlight and use an easy draining pot mix. The water must never sit in the pot. They will need regular pruning and support to take the weight. 

Apricot Tree

An apricot tree is a great option for an indoor fruit tree. Pot it in a large pot with a little loamy and well-drained potting mix to see the best results. Water it only when the soil is dry. These trees will give you delicious fruits and beautiful flowers in the spring. They need bright light and proper pruning from time to time. You may move them outdoors during the summers but take them in before the fall. 

Fig Tree 

The fig tree is another popular indoor tree option. These need proper sunlight so you can place them near a south-facing window. Water them regularly, but watch out that the water must never sit in the pot. 

Mulberry Tree

The mulberry tree produces yummy berries. These trees grow very quickly despite being of the dwarf varieties and can easily reach up to a height of six feet. Therefore, they will need regular pruning to keep the size manageable. These trees also need bright light, so make sure to place them near a south-facing window. 

Olive Tree

The olive tree is another attractive option when it comes to indoor fruit trees. These need a lot of light, but you need to be careful as direct heat may burn the leaves. They need water only when the soil is dry. Timely pruning is a must for olive trees.

Peach Tree

The peach tree is another excellent indoor fruit tree option. You need to put them in a big container with adequate drainage holes. These need rich loam or compost soil and a lot of sunlight. 


The vibe that these trees add to your home makes it a dream place to live. They can bring happiness in life, and you can relish the fresh juicy fruits. You can indeed transform your home by using these indoor-friendly options.