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Perennials That Come Back Every Year

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Gardening is one of the most satisfying pastimes. Planning and planting a garden can be like touring around the world without leaving your yard; with the right combinations of plants, you can bloom in any season, creating landscapes for all four seasons! But gardening can also be quite an uphill battle. From battling weeds to warding off pests, it can be tough to make your garden grow. That’s where perennial plants come in! There are several types of perennials that you can include in your garden that will make your life much easier! Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Perennials?

Perennials are plants that come and go, time and time again. But don’t let the term fool you; it doesn’t mean they have a penchant for disappearing acts! Perennials boast a remarkable amount of staying power and recurring strength.

You plant them once, and sure enough, they will keep popping up their lovely heads year after year, presenting their pleasure-giving blooms or edible delights like asparagus and rhubarb. So there you have it, folks – no need to get worked up over finding the robustness of your landscaping falling by the wayside with the changing seasons. Perennials are here to stay!

Black-eyed Susan

The Black-eyed Susan is a perennial flower found in the United States and Canada. Its scientific name, Rudbeckia hirta, reflects the yellow petals’ unique texture, which vaguely resembles burlap fabric. It’s also known as Gloriosa Daisy and Brown Betty, perhaps to honor its unassuming brown center – though you might almost miss it amongst the crows of dancers enjoying their colorful display.

Generally, it prefers warm climates and sunshine to keep its party spirit. So even if you aren’t fortunate enough to have your own garden of Black-eyed Susans, you can certainly go outdoors and enjoy the show that nature provides you – never be too busy to take a second glance! While they may not look like much on their own, they are often grouped together in eye-catching drifts of orange and gold.


Lavender plants are so much more than delightful aromatics; they’ve been used to make all sorts of things, from candles to calming teas. In an age when stress levels seem to be maxed out, it’s no surprise that this is one plant that always manages to capture people’s attention.

Not long ago, novelists would incorporate lavender into their stories as romantic symbols of love. Some cultures go a step further and even use lavender in traditional medicine and recipes. All in all, I’d say nothing beats the sheer versatility of this fragrant flower!


The cone flower is a fun, wacky flower with a unique feature: its center looks like a cone! With its fuzzy petals reaching out from the spiky center, it’s hard to ignore this eye-catching bloom.

Let these vibrant coneflowers spread cheer throughout your landscape. Their bright colors and strong disposition make them especially appealing for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain garden, as the cone flowers thrive with minimal care. They’ll even love dirt that’s not top quality – in fact, they prefer it!

Shasta Daisy

If you’re looking to plant a flower that literally keeps smiling at you, the Shasta daisy is the obvious choice! Its cheerful white petals and bright yellow center will add pops of color to your garden, and its persistent growth habit means that even if the other flowers are blooming in and out, the Shasta daisy can remain your dependable companion year-round.

In terms of upkeep, it only needs moderate attention—some fertilizing occasionally and irrigation in times of drought. It’s no secret why this flower is a popular selection for gardens everywhere, so feel free to gift yourself this bouquet anytime!


Daylilies are one of the most delightful surprises of summer—so unexpected and beautiful! The vivid bursts of color make any garden pop with beauty. When these cheerful flowers blossom, they truly bring joy to anyone who appreciates their bright hues. Daylilies are also quite easy to maintain, needing minimal care and attention apart from regular watering.

Add some daylilies to your yard this summer for a surefire explosion of delight! They’re a treat; you can even find nurseries dedicated solely to these gorgeous blooms. Their ability to thrive in various soils and climates makes them starters’ favorites for livening up a yard or garden bed.


Yarrow is one of nature’s greatest medicinal plants, providing various health benefits since ancient times. The small, green ferns have been used for multiple things throughout history, from treating colds to easing aching muscles.

But, more recently, you may also find yourself spotting yarrow as an ornamental plant in garden beds. It truly is nothing short of incredible that such a tiny plant can offer all these benefits, whether it’s medical or aesthetic. So, if you’re looking for something to help your lawn look good and feel even better – consider yarrow!


Catmint is a plant that begs to be touched, smelled, and enjoyed. With its dazzling brilliantly-green leaves and calming white flowers, it’s hard to look at Catmint without being drawn in by its beauty.

Not only does Catmint smell pleasant for cats to enjoy, but it’s also known for having mild sedative effects and helping with minor gastrointestinal issues. So if you’re looking for ways to keep your kitty entertained and relaxed—look no further than Catmint! Best of all, this perennial favorite offers plenty of benefits for cats, both in their gardens and on their laps—it’s no wonder why people have been enjoying the presence of these furry friends for centuries.

Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is a unique garden addition that stands out from the rest. A fast-growing talisman with beautiful purple blooms can bring an eye-catching burst of color to any landscape. It’s an easy plant to look after; simply set and forget – it will take care of itself!

Its creeping form will enhance your outdoor area with hardly any effort. Plus, its strong scent is an excellent choice for those who prefer fragrant gardens over dull ones! So why not give Creeping Thyme a try? After all, this delightful flower deserves your time and attention!

Plant These Perennials That Come Back Every Year!

There is nothing quite like the beauty and delight of a perennial garden—and these five gems are no exception! Whether you’re looking for something vibrant, soothing, or simply intriguing, these flowers will surely please all year round. Add some of these beautiful perennials to your garden today!