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Plants That Can Survive Low Light


We all know the benefits of greenery. Adding some green to your place can do wonders for your body, mind, soul, and it’s good for your eyes, too! It also serves as an attractive addition to your room. But even if you are still maturing, many brilliant houseplants can grow even if neglected.


It is a beautiful addition to the beauty of any room. Its colorful and patterned leaves make it an attractive choice and immediate appeal. Sometimes it is referred to as Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant, or Rattlesnake Plant; its purple, green, and crimson leaves are pretty the showstopper. However, with some care, it is one of the best options. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and should be kept somewhere with excessive humidity. The soil should be moist but ensure that it is not overly wet. Deliver a small amount of water in a week. 

Dumb Cane

It comes under the list of most small demanding plants. It can quickly grow happily in standard soil, average humidity, and average house temperature. The leaves of this plant are varied in cream and green colors and can rise to 5 feet in height.

Dragon Tree

The dragon tree is almost impossible to destroy. However, it does not take excessive watering and direct sunlight. 

Spider Plant

It is one of the most known indoor plants and extremely easy to bl without any second thought. It can survive even after negligence and will grow under indirect and low sunlight.


This favorite plant can prosper indoors year-round, but it can be put occasionally outside under a shady location.  It has many shapes and sizes to choose from, so you can afford to be picky about it. Once you’ve found a perfect place for your philodendron, you can forget about it! It’s one of the longest-lasting indoor plants out there, and a little neglect doesn’t matter. Water no more than once a week, and keep it out of direct sunlight so it can thrive.

Peace Lily 

You don’t need a reminder of when to water your peace lily; it will tell you! When the leaves start to fall, these plants require water. Then, spray it with water every few weeks. They serve as a fantastic air purifier and can even filter nasty toxins out of the air. Peace lilies love a little sun and can grow up to 6 feet.

Chinese Evergreen

This is one of the best choices, even for a careless gardener. It is the most durable tropical foliage plant because it tolerates extreme weather conditions like dry air, low light, and drought. 

Snake Plant

Growing snake plants is pretty simple. These plants, even after being neglected for weeks, look fresh with their architectural and striped leaves. They can survive in drought, with few pest problems and low light.

Cast-Iron Plant

This plant is the easiest indoor plant to grow. Although this species prefers bright light, it survives well in shady places and rooms without natural light. The only way to kill cast iron is by watering or replanting too much too often.

ZZ Plant

These plants are more tolerant than a mother of four and can withstand low light, dry air, drought, insects, and a bit of neglect. If you are looking for something indestructible, look no further. It is also soothing to look at, with glossy dark green foliage. It only needs watering once a month.

Air Plant

These innovative plants don’t require soil to develop. Instead, they stick to things like rocks and trees. These are the perfect choice for people with compact space, as you can put them in a hanging terrarium or bowl and let them grow! As the name suggests, these plants need air to thrive, so don’t overcrowd them. Once or twice a week, protect them from full sun and with a spray bottle mist them. Soak them in water every few weeks and then return them to their happy place.

Aloe Vera

Everyone would love a plant that looks good, is hard to kill, and can be helpful? Keep one on your desk or around the house, and you’ll reap the benefits in no time. Break a leaf, and the gel helps in treating minor burns. The leaf can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Please do not leave your aloe vera plant in direct sun and soak it well every few weeks.

Boston Fern

This tiny fern has curly leaves and hanging fronds that will bring life to any home or place. It loves a bit of humidity but does not tolerate direct sunlight well. You can even put it somewhere on your porch or deck in the summer and then bring it inside when the temperatures drop. If it looks a bit limp in winter, don’t panic. It only takes a while for them to adjust. Instead, find a good ray of sunshine and let it live there for a time, and soon you will have your beautiful fern back!

Jade Plant

These are the most seen succulents on any trip. Also referred to as “money plants,” they are easy to care for and can last forever with a bit of love. When the soil starts to feel dry,  your jade plant will drink. Just be careful not to overwater and soak the soil. These store water in leaves so they can handle a bit of neglect. Also, keep an eye on the roots, which can rot very quickly and fall out of the pot.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

It’s not precisely low-maintenance, but the effect is so impressive you’ll go to the trouble. These popular plants are everywhere right now, adding an instant boost to your stylish home or office. These bright flowers love light but not direct sunlight, so keep it out of the sun’s rays. Stick your finger in the dirt, and when the top inch feels dry, it’s time to drink. The water requirement of this plant depends on the time of year. Violin-shaped leaves tend to collect dust, which can prevent them from absorbing the sun.