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Plants That Require The Least Amount Of Water

Do you often forget to do the things you cannot do without, such as watering plants? If you love plants, you should not neglect to water them, but sometimes things can go haywire, and you can forget to water them. There are plenty of plant species that thrive by themselves. Even if you do not water them, they can survive for a long time. 

  1. Sago palm
  2. Snake plant
  3. Ponytail palm
  4. Spider plant
  5. Jojoba
  6. Little leaf cordia
  7. Mexican bird of paradise
  8. Desert rose

Sago’s Palm

Until now, we know that plants need water to survive, but to your surprise, the sago palm is one such plant that will endure when too much water is provided. This is one such plant that has been around since the time of dinosaurs. This plant requires significantly less water. You must prefer this plant when you are too busy with your routine work but at the same time are fond of plants too.

They require water only when the soil has been completely dried out. To keep it blooming, you should find fertile soil several times, especially in spring and summer. However, this plant is poisonous, so it is recommended not to be in a house where there are pets and little children. 

Snake Plant

Also known as sansevieria or mother -in -laws tongue. This is one of the classic plants that not only requires less water but also looks very stylish. And it is one of the best natural options that people use as décor. This plant requires low to medium soil and can survive long roads of not getting water. Moreover, various shapes, sizes, and colors of snake plants can be a valuable décor in the house.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm, also known as beaucarnea recurvata. It is famous for the name of an elephant foot. This plant grows a gray base that looks like a pachyderm’s foot. This is what makes the ponytail plant stand out of not getting proper water and still can survive. This plant needs bright sunlight and is slow in growth, and the main and the best part about this is that it has its water reservoir and can draw water on its own even during droughts. But if you are planning to put it in the living room, then make sure to keep it on the window as if not done, then there are fewer chances of survival.

Spider Plant

This plant is known for its green or variegated chlorophytum comosum. The remarkable thing about this plant is that it can go for long without water. This plant produces multitudes of baby plants that look like mini offspring of parents. The best part to decorate this plant is using a hanging basket or tall urn. This plant requires bright indirect sunlight. 


The biological name of jojoba is Simmondsia Chinensis. This plant is tough and durable, and this plant requires total exposure to the full sun. It grows slowly and can grow up to 8-10 feet tall. This is an evergreen plant and requires heat to part shade. They have dense branches and are dark green, and have fleshy leaves. They mostly grow in sandy soil, and they bloom in the spring season, followed by summer twists. 

Little Leaf Cordia

This is a medium-sized plant that produces white flowers. They prefer to grow in full sunlight and are very fast growing. They also can tolerate drought, and they usually have evergreen leaves. They can grow up to 8 feet tall, and they have sprawling bray branches and small olive leaves. 

Mexican Bird Of Paradise

This is one of the best editions to the desert landscape. It produces bright yellow flowers in clusters. And they usually grow in the summer season and are evergreen. It requires full sunlight to grow and bloom well. If you have this plant or are thinking of getting one, they usually need water once in two weeks. That too between spring to fall. They have controlled growth and spring to shape. 

Desert Rose

The desert rose is also known as adenium obesum. This plant grows well and requires less water and full sun. They can be used to decorate houses, and they look good on the balcony. And also can be grown in colder climates. 

Flower Plant

Flowering plant means enclosed seeds in the Greek language, and they are the most notable plant species, about 300,000. There are so many different types of plants like gymnosperms, angiosperms. These plants produce fruits that contain seeds. Most flowering plants are easy to grow. One of the best flowering plants which can survive with less water is adenium. This plant can survive in less soil and also doesn’t need much water to grow. It requires full sun and less water. 


Houseplants are easy to handle, especially when they require less water and low maintenance. If you want plants that you do not need to take care of, the above plants are the best choice. These plants require less water and can also manage to grow in drought. All the plants have a specific season to grow, and they all produce different types of flowers.

They are green plants that require less water and are best for indoor plants. You don’t need to work on them, and you can enjoy them to the fullest by doing just a little work on them. Isn’t that a good option for you>? Do give it a thought to buy such plants that make your job so easy yet looks spectacular.