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Safe and Easy Plants to Grow With Your Kids

Generally speaking, children love to be outdoors, play in the dirt, and try out fun, new activities. Considering this, a love for gardening can easily be developed early on among kids. That said, gardening can be a lot of hard work and may intimidate some children, but not if you encourage them to grow the following plants – they are easy and safe to grow after all!

1. Succulents

Mix of beautiful succulent plants

Succulents are the easiest to grow and care for. They come in unique shapes, colors, sizes, and textures, which make them quite a fascinating choice. Among hundreds of succulents, which one should your child grow? Well, some of the best succulents to grow are crassula, agave, haworthia, and stonecrops.

These plants can easily thrive in dry climatic conditions. Plus, they don’t even require frequent watering.

2. Violets

Violets are another great choice of plants to grow with your kids. The beauty of these plants is that they produce intense purplish flowers and heart-shaped green leaves. Your kids won’t have to dig deep to plant the seeds. These flowering species can easily be grown in pots or containers – yes, they are that easy to grow!

You should grow violets at any time between the spring and fall season and offer them part shade or sunny location for optimal growth.

3. Oakleaf Hydrangeas

A girl planting young plant on soil

Of all the varieties of hydrangeas, oakleaves are the easiest to grow. They feature tiny, white blossoms with oak-shaped leaves that can instantly put a big smile on your child’s face.

It is best to plant them in an area where they receive full sun or part shade. Make sure to provide them with well-drained soil with slightly acidic soil. However, avoid overwatering the soil as it may hinder the plant’s full growth.

4. Daisies

Meadow of daisy flowers

With a bright yellow center and crisp white petals, daisies are the prettiest and happiest flowers ever. You just need the right amount of water and sunshine to see them grow fast and healthy.

To ensure the growth of fresh daisies, make sure you teach your kids how to prune the old flowers. Also, encourage them to fertilize them with all-purpose fertilizer every two weeks!

5. Marigolds

Marigolds can tolerate heat, drought, and all kinds of pests and diseases; so, they are indeed a perfect choice to grow in your backyard with your little one.

To grow marigolds, you will need to sow seeds in warm soil in the spring and wait for the plant to bloom in happy colors. It only takes eight weeks, at a maximum, for the flowering plant to flourish.

These are some of the best plants to grow with your kids outdoors and enjoy some quality time together!