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The 7 Best Types Of Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can be a great addition to any garden or landscaping project. Not only are they beautiful and versatile, but many of them are also very low maintenance. This article will cover some of the best types of ornamental grasses so you can decide which ones will work best for your needs. From evergreen fescue varieties that remain showy all year round to colorful mixtures offering unique textures and reliable color, there is sure to be something here for everyone! So read on for everything you need to know about ornamental grasses.

The Rising Popularity Of Ornamental Grasses

In recent years, ornamental grasses have gained incredible popularity among home gardeners and professional landscapers. Whether for a subtle addition of texture in a flower bed, as an informal hedge, or even just as a stand-alone statement piece, ornamental grasses can provide multiple uses in any garden design. Not only are these plants low maintenance, but they also possess winter hardiness and drought tolerance making them an excellent option for tough climates.

Ornamental grasses have proved to be more than just a passing trend – they’ve earned their place among other popular horticultural staples. They come in various colors, shapes, and heights, allowing for plenty of creative possibilities when combining different varieties. On top of their practicality from a gardening standpoint, their aesthetics make them appealing to many homeowners.

The Best Types Of Ornamental Grasses

Believe it or not, there is ornamental grass for almost any situation! When selecting the right type of grass to fit your project, you’ll want to consider a few key factors: height, color and texture, growth rate, and hardiness. Here are some of the best varieties available:

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is one of the best types of ornamental grasses that you can have in your garden. It is evergreen, which makes it an excellent choice for year-round greenery and structure. Its foliage is arching, giving it a soft, graceful appearance, and its curved green leaves give the plant its unique fountain-like shape. An added bonus with fountain grass is that it will thrive perfectly well in partial shade and full sun locations.

It prefers warmer climates to get the best flowering results and should be kept moist during dry times. The blooms that come from fountain grass give an extra touch of elegance to any garden, so if you’re looking for a flashy yet easy-to-maintain ornamental grass for your landscape, fountain grass should be at the top of your list!

Little Bluestem

If you want to add some unique and beautiful color to your garden, Little Bluestem could be the ornamental grass. Growing anywhere from 30-90 cm in height, this plant produces attractive steel blue foliage that can create stunning contrast when planted alongside bright-green or multi-colored varieties. This type of grass is special because its leaves change colors as the seasons progress, often taking on different shades of bronze or yellow during autumn.

In addition, it blooms little fluffy white flower heads from late summer till early fall, making it an extremely useful visual tool when designing home landscaping or outdoor decor themes. Plus, it’s low-maintenance and does not require frequent watering or fertilizing to thrive in your garden – a definite win!

Purple Millet

Purple Millet is one of the popular ornamental grasses that can add a striking effect to your garden. Native to Southeast Asia, this grass has beautiful purplish-tinged leaves and sprouts showy plumes in late summer through fall. In addition to being an excellent choice for garden beds, Purple Millet is also perfect for containers, giving them a unique and vibrant touch all season long. This hardy grass is easy to maintain and drought tolerant, requiring minimal or no fertilizer input, making it an excellent low-maintenance choice.

It is adaptable in varying soil types and can tolerate full sun or partial shade exposure depending on its location within your garden landscape. With these attractive features, Purple Millet is certainly worth considering as a great way to give your garden a colorful boost!

Cord Grass

Cord grass is an excellent addition to any garden looking for ornamental grasses. It’s a clump-forming species of grass, meaning it grows in bunches rather than a wide expanse, making it perfect for extra-tight spaces. Its long leaves twist gracefully downward and produce fluffy panicles come mid-summer. When moved by the breeze, they create soft swishing sounds that can be comforting on windy days.

Cord grass isn’t all visual appeal and audio ambiance, though, as it provides food sources for migratory birds and other wildlife. In autumn, its dried stems turn brown, providing cover and stability to wildflowers while adding warmth to the fall season with its coloration.

Maiden Grass

Maiden grass, the scientific name Miscanthus sinensis, is one of the most popular ornamental grasses. Its slender stems host arching blades of delicate foliage ranging from deep green to yellow and bronze. Maiden Grass is particularly prized for its capacity to grow up to seven feet in just one season; when mature, it boasts a showy silver mane that sways with the slightest breeze.

Maiden Grass is ideal for those who want to add texture and visual interest to landscaping without much effort. Its compatibility with other plants makes it easy to work into any garden design, and its long-lasting nature ensures it’s an investment value. The blooms also attract a wide variety of wildlife, making Maiden Grass a valuable addition to any garden.

Zebra Grass

Zebra Grass is one of the most sought-after types of ornamental grasses. It is native to east Asia, and its distinctive foliage includes white stripe-like variegations that make it look like zebra stripes, hence the name. Its slender flowering stalks produce airy heads with small pink or white seeds that create an ethereal touch. The arching leaves have a unique texture and make a great addition to any landscaping design.

Zebra Grass is undoubtedly one of the best types of ornamental grasses, adding texture and dynamism to any landscape. Zebra Grass is drought tolerant and thrives in full sun, making it an ideal ornamental grass for hot and dry areas. It also stands out as it flowers late in the growing season, giving gardens a sense of vibrancy even when other plants prepare for winter dormancy.

Dwarf Pampas Grass

Dwarf Pampas grass is popular for those wanting to add beautiful ornamental grasses to their landscaping. With its stunning white plumes that adorn the top of its tall and slender stems in late summer, it adds texture and depth to any garden. What makes Dwarf Pampas grass even more attractive is that it has minimal care requirements; it’s drought tolerant, cold hardy in many climates, and requires virtually no pruning or summer maintenance.

Naturally resistant to pests and diseases, Dwarf Pampas grass is extremely low maintenance and easy to grow—making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an eye-catching ornamental specimen that doesn’t take too much effort or attention.

Which Ornamental Grasses Will You Choose?

In conclusion, ornamental grasses have distinct charms and benefits. They guarantee to add texture, color, and movement to your garden while providing food sources for birds and other wildlife. So now it’s up to you: which ornamental grass will be the star of your garden? Whether you opt for a low-maintenance variety like Maiden Grass or Dwarf Pampas Grass, an architectural type such as Purple Millet, or an attention-grabbing species like Zebra Grass and Cord Grass, you can’t go wrong with any of these stunning ornamental grasses. Whichever type you choose, your landscaping design is sure to get an extra layer of beauty.