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The Most Efficient Water Systems of 2020

When it comes to choosing a water system for your garden, the options are plenty. Homeowners get to choose from so many advanced and dynamic water systems that it can be quite a challenge to pick an ideal one.

The first thing that most homeowners have to decide is the type of water system they want to invest in – soaker hoses, drip irrigation systems, spray systems, or rotor systems. Which of these is the most efficient one, you may wonder? Well, that depends on your gardening needs and your personal preferences.
In this blog post, we discuss the best water systems you should consider for your beautiful lawn, yard, or garden.

1. Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus

This is an automatic water system that can help you perform your gardening duties quicker than ever. To use this smart watering device, all you need is a couple of AA batteries. Attach them to the unit, plug the hose into the other side, and tada!
The controller also comes with a phenomenal daylight sensor that automatically opens up at dawn and dusk. This enables you to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and clean!

2. Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer

This is another battery-powered automatic water system. What makes this product so unique is its plug-in controller, Bluetooth hose timer, and a smart Wi-Fi system. This means you can easily control the water system anywhere you are via its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system.
The B-hyve app allows you to access your gardening schedule from anywhere in the world. It is accessible via Android or iOS devices. With just a click of a button, you can turn on the hose and water your pretty flowerbeds or greenhouse plants whenever you want.

3. Hozelock Automatic Watering Kit

The Hozelock Automatic Watering Kit offers automatic watering for your patio plants, flower borders, hanging baskets, fruit or vegetable patches, or greenhouse plants. It comes with a mechanical timer that you can attach to any outdoor tap. Once the timer is set, you can sit back and let the pot kit do its job.

Please note that the watering kit offers drip-fed with regular amounts of water. So, you won’t have to worry about overwatering at all.
This kit is best for regular use. It will also make gardening seem less of a chore.

These are the top three water systems you can consider for your outdoor greenery this year. If you’re looking for some more options, you can also opt for the Vegapod Large Self-Watering System or Kacher Premium Garden Irrigation Kit. These watering systems are reliable, durable, and efficient, of course!

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