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Top Tips For Storing Fresh Cut Flowers


Flowers are a beautiful way to add life to any room in the house. As soon as you walk into a home, for example, your nose is hit with the sweet smell of fresh flowers, and it instantly makes you feel happier. But what do you do when they start to wilt? You can’t throw them away because they’re too pretty! Here are some great tips on storing freshly cut flowers so that they last longer than just a few days.

Maintain Your Cut 

Sometimes the stems of flowers can be a little jagged from being cut at the store. Make sure to re-cut them to have fresh sharp edges. The flowers won’t be as likely to rot or cause air bubbles in the water. It would be best if you cut them every few days. It’s important to cut fresh flowers even if you don’t think they need it. It’s also important because it will allow the water to enter more easily into their stems and provide a better-tasting drink.

Bleach Your Vases Once A Week

If you are using glass or other types of clear containers, then make sure that you bleach them out at least once per week because bacteria love moist environments! Don’t use soap, though, because it leaves behind traces on the surface that is not good for the flowers. Also, never reuse plastic bags unless you have cleaned the inside thoroughly.

Make Sure There’s Enough Room 

When you first bring home your bouquet, it might seem like a good idea to jam all those flowers into one vase, but don’t do this! The more open space around the flower heads, the better chance they’ll stay hydrated long-term. You should also try not overcrowding any single type of flower together because each different kind requires its own amount of light, nutrients, etc., which means that if you’re trying to cram three types into one container, chances are they won’t last as long.

Add Fresh Water 

One of the best ways to keep flowers fresh is by making sure they have a constant supply of clean water. You must regularly change this water because it can get dirty and give off a bad smell over time. The bacteria in the water will start to break down and rot your flowers. It also evaporates, and this can dry out the stems.

Hydrate The Petals 

Another great way to keep your flowers fresh is by ensuring that their petals are hydrated. If you notice that they’re looking a bit dried out, place them in some room temperature water and leave them for about an hour or so. You can also hydrate the petals by misting them with a spray bottle and then leaving them overnight. Doing so will give them a pick-me-up and allow their fresh scent to return!


Store the flowers in such a position where there’s no direct sunlight on them because dehydration causes them to wilt faster. Try placing these plants in darker corners of your home if possible until it’s time for you to come back and change their vases with clean ones filled with new water. However, do not let the plants sit too long without some sunlight.


If you’re going to take good care of your flowers, it’s best if they stay in a cold environment because heat will speed up their wilting process. You should keep them away from direct sunlight as well so that they don’t get damaged by its rays. Keeping cut roses in the fridge is one way to make sure they last for at least two weeks! This works especially well with lilies, too, since refrigeration actually helps prolong their lifespan. Just remember not to put plastic containers or other types of materials directly into the refrigerator because condensation could build up inside and damage any petals close by. 

Add Some Sugar 

Flowers love sugar just as much as we do! If you add a teaspoon or two of sugar into their vase, not only will your flowers feel happier, but they’ll look amazing for longer too! This stops them from losing moisture which means less wilting and drooping throughout the day. Sugar can also help raise the water level in a vase, which is always helpful because it prevents flowers from wilting too quickly.

Add A Penny To The Vase 

Another great way to keep flowers looking fresh is by adding a penny into the vase. Penny contains zinc, which helps prevent bacteria from building up, and it also has copper in it, which is an anti-bacterial agent! These two metals help offset the damage from air pollution and can even ward off bugs like aphids!

Flower Food Packet 

If you cannot add sugar or pennies, make sure that if your flowers come with a flower food packet, use it! These packets contain everything your fresh flowers need to stay alive and healthy. The only problem is that they’re usually costly, so be sure to take advantage of them whenever you can. Make sure not to use it all in one go, but rather in multiple portions to make the most out of it.

Don’t Forget The Rubber Band 

If you’ve ever bought cut roses from a store before, then the chances are that there was already a tiny rubber band around the stems near the bottom. This allows for air circulation since this prevents water stagnation which leads to bacterial growth. You also want some space between each stem because this helps prevent moldy smells and allows proper airflow throughout all parts of the vase where moisture congregates.


All of these tips and tricks will help you keep your fresh-cut flowers in the best shape possible, so make sure to try them all out for yourself! Remember that there’s no such thing as a “bad batch” when it comes to beautiful roses because they’re always perfect. So try your best to keep them that way as long as possible!