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Tropical House Plants For You


Indoor plants have risen to popularity and demand for several reasons in the past decade, including how they fight indoor air pollution, bring liveliness to a place, remove toxins from the surrounding, help fight allergies, etc. However, houseplants are not available at a local plant shop in as many exciting varieties as other common outdoor plants is a severe put-off for many.  

Finding the right plant becomes challenging for anyone wishing to employ everything from aesthetics, something out of the ordinary, to fancy and valuable in their home and indoor surroundings. However, there are, in fact, plants that could serve all that and more; all you need to do is look for them. 

Keeping in mind the same, the following list of 7 unique houseplants brings some unusual indoor plant species, from flowering plants to cacti, that you might find intriguing enough for your indoor garden. So, let’s get started –


Albuca Frizzle Sizzle

Talk about a plant that will put a smile on anyone’s face instantly and will also bring an intense urge to play with it. Frizzle Sizzle’s fascinating foliage is dark green and spiraling in the form of a tight cluster that is not just modern looking but ideal for architectural aesthetics.

What’s more, during spring, the plant also produces creamy yellow-white flowers that smell sweet like vanilla. However, it is common to find the foliage turning brown during flowering, so either remove the brown part or prevent flowering altogether by eliminating the flower stalk when it first emerges. 

Well-drained soil, lots of sunlight, watering only once every 7-10 days are little tricks to keep the plant healthy.  

Bat Flower

Who said that flowers have to be all about colors? The plant of bat flowers gives life to striking black flowers that resemble a bat that’s spreading wings, is everything from exotic, fascinating to unique and pretty.  

Apart from flowers that bloom from spring up to early fall, it also has long filaments and ruffled leaves to complement the beauty of the plant.

And, while people grow this orchid-related rare plant both indoors and outdoors, they do have some special caring requirements that are a must for the plant’s optimal growth. It includes well-draining soil, medium warm temperatures (no extreme heat or full sun, nor too cold), regular watering for moist soil (not soggy), fertilization, repotting, etc. 

Pencil Cactus

Though cactus plants come in various shapes and sizes, there is something about pencil cactus that is just strikingly unusual, well apart from the many weird names it has been given, like naked lady, sticks on fire, pencil tree, etc. But, considering how Sedum Morganianum is also called Donkey’s tail, it is not that weird after all.

Pencil cactus adds select ornamental value to any space and is equally easy to take care of as it can tolerate extended periods of neglect. Just keep it in any sunny spot around the house (even under the full sun), water it a couple of times every month as your schedule allows, and that’s about it. 

Rose Succulents 

How would you like someone gifting you a rose that’s not rose but equally beautiful and refreshing? Well, receiving such a plant will be thrilling, to say the very least. There are a variety of rose succulents one can choose from as per their liking.

In addition, like most succulent houseplants, these are easy to take care of, contrary to what these beautiful plants may appear as. Thoroughly drench them when the topsoil dries completely, keep them in a warm and shady place, just look out for stress signs and enjoy the beauty.  

Polka Dot Begonia 

The magnificent and thought-provoking spotted foliage of polka dot begonia is sure to make head turns and ask, “did you just painted those leaves”? Well, tell them you did while also painting them red and purple underneath. 

The plants are reasonably manageable, blooming white or pink flower clusters during spring and early summers. Bright indirect light, moist soil, a well-draining pot, monthly fertilization, and a small beautiful spot around the house are all the plant asks for.   

Lipstick Echeveria

What’s better than a houseplant that also adds a pop of color to the space, bright red like Lipstick at that? Lipstick Echeveria is an eye-catching and extraordinary evergreen succulent that forms around crisp fleshy and pointed rosettes. Its leaves are bright green with vibrant crimson margins, if not entirely red. 

These plants grow up to 8-12 wide and 6 inches tall under optimal conditions of rocky, well-drained soil, sun or partial shade, moderate watering, repotting, and occasional fertilization.

Nerve Plant 

The nerve plant is a rather popular spreading evergreen perennial with deep green delicately vined leaves. Though it is most commonly seen with silver-white veins, you can also find the ones with red, pink, green, and white veins as per your preference.

It is a low-growing creeper that can be quickly grown in a small pot or a bottle for those with little indoor space. Though the plant prefers temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it does tolerate mild lows and highs. Regular misting to maintain humid conditions, bright indirect light, well moist soil are some other ways to maintain good plant health. 

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern is yet another plant that will attract questions like “did you do it yourself,” considering its glossy green leaves look like deer antlers. Though they start growing slowly, they impressively grow large enough to 3 feet tall once they mature.

Place them in a hanging basket around the partially shaded region of your living room or garden centers, maintaining a proper and frequent watering schedule, moist potting mixture soil, reasonable humidity, and a monthly well-balanced fertilization session. 


Houseplants are indeed the trickle of life many are missing in their homes, but who said each drop has to be green and similar? While the above mentioned are just seven weird and unique houseplants, there are yet so many, including the prayer plant, the string of pearls plant, the hoya hearts plant, etc., which are just as extraordinary.

Choose the one that meets your needs, house aesthetics, and let just let it grab the attention of everyone who visits, leaving them in awe of its strangeness. Happy Scrolling!