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What to plant?

So your garden is ready to be planted. But what should you plant?! That’s always the tough question. Here are some tips!

Know your local growing season. Do a google search, talk to local gardeners, or ask for tips at your gardening store. Knowing what to plant and when is the first step to success.

Pick veggies and fruits you know you’ll eat. It seems obvious but sometimes we get a little ambitious. So think about your favorite vegetables and fruits. Write them down. Then do your research and see what will thrive in your local environment.

Plant things that are easy to take care of through out the season. Zucchini is a prime example of this. Plant it, water it, keep it weeded, and you’ll be amazed at the bounty by the end of the growing season. Look for hearty plants that you can’t kill easy. 😉

Select plants that compliment each other. This will come in handy when your crop is ready to be harvested. It easier to turn your produce into satisfying meals if they go well together.

And last, but not least, what you plant should be fun! Gardening is an adventure that should take you to new places. So be courageous and try new things!