Why Plant A Garden?

Okay, we get it, planting a garden is work. A lot of work. You’ve got make sure it keeps free of weeds, is well watered, and no animals eat your hard work before you can. Here’s some reasons why you should take the plunge!


Keep the tradition alive. The tradition of growing your own produce has been around since forever. There are so many tips and tricks we need to keep alive. Especially if the zombie apocalypse is on the way! 😉

Cheaper food! Honestly, you can’t buy this amount of produce in a store for what you will spend in gardening.

Higher quality of food. This should be a given! But there is nothing better than fresh, in season vegetables. The difference is astounding and you won’t know what you’re missing until you try it!

AND most important: more healthy! Not only are you controlling which chemicals are around your food. But it’s a great exercise to keep you in shape!

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