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Yard Work Hacks To Save Time!


You may be fond of the lawns and gardens, perhaps for the aesthetic look they give. However, spending too much time on garden and lawn care is not fun. You don’t need to be a skilled gardener to make magic come true. A little bit of dedication and a logical mind will suffice for the blooms. These nine-yard works will give you some light into the effective methods and techniques that you can utilize to make your garden and landscape a beautiful one.

This article will therefore provide you nine hacks you ought to know for saving time and money.

Focus On Ground Covers

One major disadvantage for any garden is the slope of the landscape. This slop does not allow the ground cover to be uniform and consistent. You can also have trouble maintaining the garden for a constant length. During heavy showers, the steep landscape can result in erosion, causing the roots of your plants to hold too much soil.

One effective way to maintain uniformity is by planting ground covers. These plants are resistant to erosion, and they thrive in steep landscapes. Once you grow them, their roots take care of the eroding soil. So you do not have to visit them for a check frequently. They are low on maintenance and call for very little water. Compared to the lawn cover, these ground cover plants are easy to cultivate, maintain and require very little attention from the gardener.

Get Rid Of Weeds With Vinegar

Apart from watering and planting, a large portion of your garden time gets invested in eliminating the undesirable plants- weeds. These weeds are typical to grow in any weather conditions. However, if their growth is not maintained, they can compete with your garden plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. These wild plants can, most of the time, resist drought-like conditions and survive better than the delicate plants you own. A piece of advice is to mix white vinegar and salt and spray this liquid onto the roots of these winds. Ensure not to rush your lawn and the plants. The acidity and too much salt can cause an imbalance in water concentration and affect the plants in numerous ways.

DIY Organic Spray

The insecticides or pesticides that we usually purchase from the market are loaded with chemicals that can do more bad than good. Your health is also at stake for breathing in the aerosols while you spray your lawn and garden. There’s no doubt that these insecticides completely discard the aphids and bugs that can cause harm to your garden, but there is no harm in going the green and eco-friendly way. Making your DIY organic spray at home will save time and money and will not harm your health.

It also serves these wild plants to eliminate insects due to the natural elements’ beneficial properties. Mix a cup of vegetable oil with two cups of the dishwasher and make a solution. You can dilute this solution with water and spray it over your plants when necessary.

Mow Your Lawn According To The Weather

Mowing your lawn is an important step in maintaining its overall quality. Experts suggest that the length of the yard should vary with seasons. As the fall starts, the mower can be brought down to one to two inches because a shorter length helps the lawn thrive well. One can even turn mowers lower during the early winter when you prepare to stay indoors.

This way, the lawn will be healthy for a couple of months, and you too will not require to have frequent visits to your backyard or garden to have a check on it during chilly winters. If asked which are the best mowers to keep your lawn well cared for, experts suggest selecting electric lawn mowers or gas-powered mowers as these are riding mowers that are easy to handle and do the work efficiently.

Prepare Your Mulch

If you want to increase the fertility of your soil, one piece of advice is to avoid clearing the clippings after a mow. Apart from saving labor on clearing the entire ground, you also make natural compost available to the soil. The discarded clipping decomposes and makes up for the manure required for the earth, thereby adding nutrients and mineral components to the turf. Use a mower that trims the clippings fine enough to be left over the surface. If even a little bit of water gets accumulated, the grass underneath will smother. Therefore, ensure to have an environment with properly hydrated soil. One thing to note here is that you will require fertilizing the ground because this will not suffice to the nutritional needs of the entire yard.

Aerate Your Soil

Aerating the soil is an essential factor for the long-term health of the turf. Mostly referred to as punching covers, this method exists in two ways. In solid tine aeration, holes are punched in the soil using solid tin without removing any material. While in core aeration, a hole pulls out a plug that is filled with sand. Both these measures improve the health and the quality of the soil. When your plant roots are well hydrated and bathed with oxygen, the overall growth of the plant is well maintained. Because in hot, mulchy, saturated soil, most of the plants drain and be in capture. Ensure that these times reach the roots because it is from the roots where the plant’s overall health can be nurtured.

Increase The Number Of Trees

You think raising perfect-looking consistent and uniform greens of lawns is very easy, then you need to change your thinking. Nurturing a yard that is perfectly manicured calls for heavy-duty and money. If you do not want to be in such a situation, another piece of advice is to grow more trees. These trees will make up for the shady areas and prevent the surrounding lawn from increasing beyond their threshold. Trees, when compared to lawns, are easy to take care of and raise. You can even grow a variety of shades that would give you colorful flowers all around. Consider planting berries that will lure the birds towards them. Scenic beauty with birds, butterflies, berries, plants, and lawns will make your home an aesthetic view.

Build A Gravel Walkway

If you reside in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, then you may have second thoughts about gardening because the soil turns muddy, and everything seems like a mess. By building a gravel walkway, you can get rid of the water that can get into your basement and crawl space. You can also create a French drain wherein the water flows underground through a drainpipe.

In this way, the water will flow through the gravel faster than the soil and not result in accumulation. If you are a beginner looking out for plans to construct your garden and yard, make sure to keep drainage at the end that will discard the flowing water away from the basement and the yard. This will allow proper drying of the water and will be helpful during heavy showers.

Care For Pet Spots

Most pets urinate on the lawn; then, it is evident that selecting a few places for it is obvious. Because urine is high in salts and nitrogen, the roots can burn out, leading to the death of the lawn in that area. To regain the grass, soak that area with abundant water and then cover it with mulch.

Regrow the soil and let it be hydrated for a couple of weeks until the grass grows from the ground. The secret to regaining the plant is keeping the soil moist until the grass grows above three inches. However, ensure that the water is consistent because overwatering can destroy the roots or let seeds wash away if you have sown into the soil.

The Bottom Line!

The lawn and the landscape are two crucial aspects that need a lot of attention but mostly go unnoticed because we are more worried about the type of plants to be grown and their growth. However, for these plants to thrive, the ambient conditions need to be favorable. Usual activities like water, grass cutting and trimming, weed removal sound familiar, but the landscape, drainage, and mulch hold many parts of the game. Some of the most unnoticed points come to light through these nine hacks, and you get a better perspective on maintaining and nurturing your garden.