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5 Trees You Can Plant That Have the Most Benefits

The benefits of trees extend beyond their apparent beauty. They not only add to the aesthetics of the place where they’re planted, but they also provide us with a plethora of public health, social, economic, and environmental benefits.
Most importantly, they provide oxygen to all living beings. So, without them, life couldn’t possibly exist on Earth. To produce the very air that we breathe, it’s a good idea to plant trees around. In this blog post, we’ve discussed our top five favorite trees that everyone should consider planting.

1. Flowering Dogwood


Beautiful  dogwood tree, fully blossomed


Flowering Dogwoods are characterized by their showy white blossoms and beautiful foliage. If you’re looking for a tree that can add a lot of beauty to your yard, this is what should be at the top of your list. The tree also has many incredible uses and benefits. In the growing season, the tree produces delightful red berries that every fruit-lover can enjoy. Their root bark can be used as a treatment for several health problems, including headaches, sores, muscle pain, inflammation, etc. The wood of the tree is often employed in the manufacturing tools like pulleys, wheel cogs, hay-forks, etc.



2. Willow Tree


Weeping willow at a river in Bavaria


Easy to grow and to take care of, willow trees are famous for their highly effective bark. The bark of the lush tree is always in demand by crafters. That’s because it is used in the construction of many useful goods like baskets, furniture, tools, etc.
Willow barks also have medicinal uses. They help treat a wide variety of pain, such as headaches, body pain, menstrual cramps, and many more.



3. Japanese Maple


Red Japanese Maple tree in Portland, Oregon


Japanese Maple trees are one of the most sought-after beauties. They are often the first few choices of homeowners and landscapers because of their utterly gorgeous red hue and unique leaves. These versatile trees provide home, shelter, and food for wildlife. Japanese maple leaves can be fried and eaten as a yummy snack too.
The striking reddish-purple leaves and umbrella-shaped flowers can be used to make eccentric bouquets.



4. Black Walnut Tree



This is a high-value tree whose produce can net you a fair bit of cash. You can plant them for their healthy timber and nuts. The tree may take years to mature, but what you get from the tree can help you earn around 6000 pounds per acre! Now that’s quite an investment!
Other than that, the tree is quite valuable as a wildlife habitat as well.



5. Black Locust



This is a fast-growing tree that produces light green leaves and milky-white flowers. Owing to their stunning beauty, they are a perfect decoration in your yard.
Black locusts are a honey tree, so one tree can produce up to 15 kg of honey. The tree is also a pleasant source of essential oil that is used in many beauty products!
Planting trees is a noble deed that every individual should consider doing. You can choose the tree you want to grow from the above-mentioned list and make the most of their uses and benefits!