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8 Flowering Plants That Boast The Biggest Blooms


Bigger is better with these massive flowers that you can grow at home. Big flowers are fun! They add color, structure, and a “WOW!” factor to your landscape like nothing else. If you’re looking for plants with colossal color, check out these 6 flowering plants boasting the biggest blooms.

1. Titan Sunflower.

This sun-loving annual lives up to its name in every way. Titan grows thick, sturdy stalks up to 12 feet tall, and produces truly titanic flower heads measuring up to 24 inches across. At the end of the growing season it produces huge, edible sunflower seeds. Plant drought-tolerant sunflowers in full sun.

2. ‘Giant White’ Moonflower.

Moonflower is the night-blooming sibling of morning glory. It’s the perfect big bloomer for nocturnal gardeners. The immense 6-inch snowy white flowers of Giant White open at dusk and close at dawn from mid to late summer. Grow this vine on a trellis or arbor near a patio or balcony where you can enjoy the celestial glow and sweet scent in the moonlight.

3. Supernova Angel’s Trumpet.

This is one of the best jumbo-flowering perennials for sunny container gardens. It grows fast and makes huge trumpet-shaped flowers up to 18 inches long and 10 inches wide. Supernova is a tropical shrub with stems that die back like other perennials in the cooler extent of its range. In the warmer parts of its growing range, Supernova is a deciduous shrub (drops its leaves in winter).

4. Big Brother Lily.

Fragrant and absolutely breathtaking, Big Brother giant lily produces humongous yellow-throated white flowers up to 15 inches across. They make awesome cut flowers for a big, bold statement. This tall hybrid lily grows up to 6 feet high in sunny, well-draining garden beds.

5. Big Daddy Hydrangea.

Most flowering plants need full sun to look their best, but not hydrangeas. Big Daddy grows tons of ginormous flowers, up to 14 inches in diameter, in filtered sunlight or afternoon shade. Plant these hydrangeas en masse, or as an informal border plant. Bloom color varies based on soil pH. Acidic soil makes blue flowers, while alkaline soil produces pink ones.

6. ‘Moy Grande’ Hibiscus.

If you’re looking for a pop of color, your search is over. Moy Grande produces stunning deep pink to red flowers up to 12 inches across. This hardy hibiscus grows best in average to moist soil and full sun. Plant it as a seasonal focal point in your perennial border.

7. Atlas Magnoli.

Magnolias are renowned for their heavenly scent and large blooms. At more than 13 inches, this one has some of the biggest flowers of all. Atlas is a deciduous magnolia that bears its gigantic light pink flowers on bare branches in the early spring, followed by large, dark green leaves. Plant it in an open area where it has room to grow 25 feet tall and wide.

8. Fireworks Clematis.

At up to 8 inches across, Fireworks clematis has one of the largest blooms of its kind. This stunning perennial vine grows up to 12 feet tall and blooms heavily from spring to early summer. It makes a beautiful screen when trained on a trellis. Or, use it to adorn an arbor over a garden pathway.