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Best Smelling Flowers For Your Garden


Nothing beats a beautiful floral addition to a garden. Along with adding a pop of color, making your indoor garden distinct, they also bring with them bountiful fragrance, transporting you to a mesmerizing bliss amidst the chaotic, bustling life. 

Growing the right kind of flowering plant is essential to ensure that the climatic conditions are suitable enough for the plant to grow without demanding much maintenance. 

Though you always have the option to let your nose guide you through the purchases, here are some top names to help you find your dream scented flowers.

The top scented flowers to grow in your garden/ backyard!


From pale pastel shades to vibrant pop colors, today, hyacinths are available in many different shades. The light floral smell of the buds becomes overpowering as the flower blooms. Even in the fragrance range, different species have different levels of aromas. For example, Hyacinth Yellowstone gives a soft scent, whereas Dutch Hyacinth gives a strong fragrance.

Where to plant? It can be planted along the walks, borders, or a layer in the garden bed or pots. 

Things to keep in mind! The buds require cold treatment to grow. Therefore, you should plant them before the ground freezes.    


An excellent choice for the gardens owing to the long blooming period, the garden phlox is a no-fuss plant. There are various species of phlox with a wide range of colors to choose from. These small five-petaled flowers are a great way to add natural fragrance along with beauty to the gardens. Some varieties to choose from are Creeping Phlox and Moss phlox,

Where to plant them? They are perfect for garden beds. Owing to their small size, arrange them according to their size. 

Things to keep in mind! Beware of the invasive species, the wild phlox.


You can find both night and day blooming jasmine plants for your garden. However, both are listed as invasive species and are toxic to pets. Hence, refer to laws in your area if you want to grow them. The night-blooming ones release a strong scent as the sun sets for the day.

Where to plant? Since they are climbing shrubs, they are a perfect fit as screeners along the hedge or patio.

Things to keep in mind! They have quite an overpowering smell that can trigger allergy or respiratory distress for some. 

Lilac/Summer Lilac

These cute tiny flowers will bring to your garden beauty with fragrance. Available in varieties suitable for growing both in the cooler and summer regions, the lilac brings a whiff of sweet spring smell all around. The common types to choose from are Syringa Sensation, Syringa Wedgewood Blue, and Charles jolly.

Where to plant? The lilac bushes perfectly fit among the garden beds and are fine as long as they get optimum sunlight.

Things to keep in mind! Regularly prune the plant before the growing season. Beware of the pests that feed on them. 

Sweet Alyssum

These flower clusters efficiently drape over the borders bringing honey-like sweet fragrance throughout its blooming season. These tiny petalled flowers can be used as carpets to cover the patch areas in the gardens. There are many varieties to choose from; notable ones are Easter Bonnet, Carpet (both white and purple), and Snow Crystal.

Where to plant? They are perfect as carpets for landscaping or in hanging baskets.  

Things to keep in mind! These are relatively less maintenance demanding plants, but adequate pruning and pest control must be done.

Flowering Crabapple

If you are looking for a flowering tree in your backyard, the Crabapple will spoil you for choices! From the rosy pink shaded Royal Raindrops to the eternally white Louisa tree, the floral trees bring grace and sweet aroma to your gardens. If you don’t want too large trees, you can also choose from dwarf or semi-dwarf ones.

Where to plant? Since the trees grow big, a perfectly ventilated area allowing their growth is preferred.

Things to keep in mind! After the flowering season, the fruits dropping can create a mess in your yards.


There is a reason why roses are the epitome of emotions ranging from love and passion to purity and innocence depending on the color it bears. With a sweet floral scent in the air, the rose family is a perfect bushy addition to your gardens. 

The plants come in various forms, from the traditional roses to the hybrids. Some popular choices for the gardens are Floribunda (hybrid), English roses, and Rosa ‘Zephirine Drouhin’ (a thornless climbing variety). 

Where to plant? The creepers are a perfect fit for the arch; bushes are a perfect addition along the walkways or bordering the house or in a pot.  

Things to keep in mind! They should receive enough sunlight. Avoid shaded regions and do not plant them against more giant trees or shrubs. 


Lavenders are a perfect fit for you if you are one of the lavender scent fanatics. The plants are easier to grow, and the flowers are aesthetically beautiful, adding richness to your gardens. Traditionally found in shades of purple, you can obtain them in various colors thanks to hybridization. They give a dewy feel along with a soft floral scent. Some of the best species to grow are English Lavender and Lavandin

Where to grow? Grow in garden beds if the soil can support the needs. Otherwise, pot them.

Things to keep in mind! Don’t overwater them. The plants thrive in well-drained soil. 


As much as the beautiful flowers capture the eyes, the soft fragrance melts the heart. A perfect choice for many gardeners as the Wisteria vines can effectively convert a garden into a cozy space with a perfect shade cover. Check out the cool Pink Japanese Wisteria, American Wisteria, and Chinese Wisteria

Where to grow? They can be trained to grow along with the wire nets, thus making perfect creeping plants overarches and railings.

Things to keep in mind! If not pruned, it does not take long for them to take over the entire space. 


These tender shrubs give a sweet, pleasant smell that can be listed as anywhere between sweet vanilla smell to honey-like fragrance. The blossoms come in varied colors pitched against the dark backdrop of the foliage. You can choose from the traditional Marine Heliotrope or princess marina. 

Where to grow? These plants turn towards the sun as they grow; hence, bearing the lighting in mind, you can add them to your garden beds.

Things to keep in mind! Poisonous if ingested. Hence keep away from pets and children. Not ideal for cold regions. 


The fragrance is one thing that most gardeners forget about while layering their gardens with rich plants and shrubs. The ultimate list of fragrant plants gives you a definitive list where beauty meets scent. So get set and add a tinge of aroma to your gardens!