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The Best Drought Resistant Plants


Heartbroken when your precious plants die out once the season ends? Then it is your cue to invest in these drought-resistant plants that thrive all year round without demanding much maintenance. From magnificent flowering plants to spectacular succulents, here are top plants that will be a great addition to your gardens!

Hail The Succulents Cacti!

There is a whole range of cacti or succulents that can mesmerize you with their beauty. However, to grow them into their beautiful form, you need to invest time in pruning. If left to grow on their own, they do increase, but the beauty will lie in the eye of the beholder. 

  • Whortleberry Cactus: A columnar cactus, marked with various geometric patterns on the stem, is a cute addition to the cacti collection. The shades of blue make them stand apart. 
  • Sunset Jade: These small leafy succulents with a tinge of sunset bordering the leaves like flame are a lovely addition to your pots or even outdoors (proper climatic conditions required). They can be trimmed to give a bushy appearance and planted along borders or hedges.
  • Blue chalk sticks: The succulents bear foliage in subtle shades of blue to grey and will adorn your gardens along borders. These are easy to grow with little maintenance required, but you’ll surely want to keep the pets and babies away from them.
  • Desert rose: The succulent blooms vibrant flowers in white, pink, and red shades as the temperature soars. A tremendous indoor addition (can also be grown outdoors), the succulents just need a lot of sunlight and a little bit of attention to bloom into beautiful plants.  
  • Agave: A long leafy succulent with leaves arranged spirally (rosette shape), are a perfect addition to your large landscapes, with these spectacular giant plants covering up dry patches. Check out a large variety of Agave to experiment with the size and shape of the leaves! 

(NOTE: Most succulent/cacti either bear thorns /spines or have poisonous sap. Hence, keep them away from pets and small children!)

Climbers To Vouch By!

Climbers require a firm surface to adhere to and climb onto. Hence, make sure to plant them accordingly. If you don’t want them to cover the entire space, regularly prune them before going unruly. Dictate their growing pattern to get them to cover a shade effectively. 

  • Bougainvillea: The paper flowers in widely different shades beautifully adorn the hedges and magnificently cover the area with their foliage and bracts. The drought-resistant plant can provide a beautiful shade beneath its glorious growths.  
  • Clematis: The plant beautifully drapes around the surface they are latched on to. However, they have slow growth. Therefore, purchase a grown plant to ensure that they can grow without a problem. 
  • Devils Ivy: A little bit of water and low light is all that these plants need to creep their way around the railings and weave a beautiful vertical carpet. If you want to grow them indoors, hang them down from pots or keep them in watered vases (remember to change the water regularly).
  • Jasmines: The plant can be allowed to grow along the walls to give a layer of beautifully scented white flowers in its blooming season. 
  • Wisteria: The vines are perfect for creating covers by training them to grow along the wires. The beautiful flowers add to the beauty by their colorful blossoms during the summers! 

Flowers To Add The Glow!

Flowers add colors to gardens, making them look vibrant. When planted in the garden beds, make sure they are in a sunny spot. 

  • African Daisy: African daisies are hardy and can thrive in warmer regions. However, if the proper temperatures are not given, you might not be able to see the plants bloom into beautiful flowers. 
  • Sunflowers: The vibrant sunny flowers are also available in the perennial variety that grows from tuberous roots. The flowers may not be as significant as the annual ones, but they come in bright colors. 
  • Periwinkle: These plants don’t call for attention or maintenance. They can bloom and thrive independently, resulting in blossoms in shades from milky white to vibrant pink. 
  • Salvias: Salvias form a great drought-resistant plant and are perfect for bordering walkways or gardens. The plants bloom in colorful flowers arranged on the tubular flowering stalk and last for almost two seasons. 
  • Lavenders: The beautifully scented flowers can singlehandedly increase the beauty of any garden. These perennials can live long as long as you maintain the required conditions for their growth. 

Trees To Increase The Splendor!

The only thing you must make sure of while planting trees is whether or not they have ample space to grow. Check for tiled/ paved constructions that might get distorted as the tree begins to spread its roots. 

  • Oak trees: If allowed enough time, these grow into massive, gigantic trees giving good shade in your backyard, forming a perfect space for an outdoor picnic. However, make sure you have enough space to allow these trees to spread out into their full glory!
  • Jacaranda: These are beautiful to behold during the blooming season, with branches covered by purple inflorescence. You don’t need to worry about pests, and these plants can fight off mild droughts without wilting out. 
  • Red Buckeye: The medium-sized tree is perfect if you don’t have ample space to spare. The blossoms are bright red and attract hummingbirds. However, the fruit dropping may be challenging to clean. 
  • Sycamore trees: The fast-growing trees have good drought resistance and are native to the American soils. The large canopy is enough to provide an incredible shaded region, making them a good choice for extensive gardens and backyards.  
  • Pine: An excellent addition to the garden, these conifers add grandeur even without the flowers. From small shrub-like to gigantic trees, you can pick your choice according to space and the structure. 

Carpets As Ground Cover!

The perennial ground covers not only ensure that your landscapes remain green throughout but add beauty with their pretty blooms during the flowering season. 

  • Yellow Alyssum: Not more significant than afoot, the plant effectively spreads over the entire ground as dense mats. The beautiful clusters of yellow flowers bless the landscape during the flowering season!
  • Yarrow: The plants can also be used as a ground cover in areas with light footings. You can use the dwarf Yarrows to fill up the large landscapes with sturdy covers. Maintain them by avoiding overwatering.
  • Red Devil Perennial Verbena: The perennial verbena is an excellent groundcover with its flowers attracting pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds!
  • Irish Moss: This fine ground cover can bear cold in temperate regions, keeping your landscapes green all year round. They may also bloom white flowers during the blooming seasons if the conditions are favorable. 
  • Baby tears: The evergreen plants efficiently cover up the landscape with little attention. They thrive even in low-light areas, making them a suitable choice to cover garden beds.  


These drought-resistant plants are a perfect addition to their potted plant collection for an avid gardener without gardens. Since they are sturdier, they can survive year long with maintenance and lots of love. Bring these easy-to-grow perennial plants to an end the dry spell in your gardens. The perennial plants last a long time with appropriate care and maintenance; if your plants are dying, check what you are doing wrong.