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How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden


Are you frustrated with the invasion of pesky little creatures in your beautiful garden? We feel you!
It’s heart-wrenching to see your flourishing fruits and vegetables munched on by rabbits or your blooming flowers chomped off by local squirrels.
How can you keep these local critters out of your garden? Well, let’s find out!

1. Pinpoint the Culprit

You should know who’s causing havoc in your garden. Only then, you can take the right precautions. For instance, if you know that rabbits are the culprit, this knowledge can help you execute effective solutions to prevent these bunnies from further damaging your garden.
Sometimes, it can be tricky to catch the culprit, especially if it’s a nocturnal animal. Keep a close watch on your garden at all times to identify the mischievous creature.

2. Display a Scarecrow

Scarecrows can be useful in keeping animals out of your garden. That said, you should move them every now and then for the desired effect.
Scarecrows can be a fun DIY project, but in case you can’t create your own scarecrow or find them in a nearby shop, you can use other some other objects for the protection of your garden, such as a motion-activated sensor or a motion sensor light/sprinkler.

3. Build a Fence

This is the best option if your garden is frequently attacked by creatures of all sizes. To prevent big animals such as deer from raiding your garden, make sure you construct a tall fence. For small creatures, a small fence with no holes will do.
Ideally, you should plant your flowers or fresh produce on raised beds with hardware clothing. If not using raised beds, make sure your fencing is at least 1 foot higher than usual and extend into the ground 2 feet, at a minimum.

4. Use High-Quality Repellents

Repellents should be your go-to product to avoid pesky animals from encroaching your garden. How do repellents work? Well, repellents have a bad smell and taste that easily keep animals away from destroying your yard.
You can also prepare a DIY insecticide to eliminate pests and weeds from your garden. One of the most effective homemade solutions is applying a basic oil spray on your plants. For this, combine one cup of vegetable oil and one tablespoon of soap and mix thoroughly. Add the mixture in a spray bottle with 1 quart of water and apply it to your plants.

5. Keep Live Traps Around

Live traps come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the type of animal that attacks your garden, keep animal traps in different areas of your garden. This is a clever way to catch tiny creatures in no time!
These are the top tried-and-tested methods to keep animals out of your garden. Follow any (or all!) of these and maintain the outdoor beauty like you always wanted.